Cockroach infestations can make your house less comfortable. Cockroaches do not bite people but their waste can cause allergic reactions. Many DIY methods of cockroach treatment barely work to get rid of cockroaches permanently. Luckily, there are certain cockroach control insecticides which when applied by pest control experts can give you a permanent solution to the cockroach infestation. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best pesticides for cockroach control in Kenya that you should consider.

  1. Roachgon Gel
  2. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait
  3. Cockrakill Paste
  4. Bipronex Cockroach Gel Bait
  5. Green Leaf
  6. Pali 50WP
  7. Mos-n-Roach
  8. Promax 20 EC
  9. Actellic 50EC
  10. Actellic 25EC
  11. Goliath Gel
  12. Bedlam 200SL
  13. Fendona 60SC
  14. Tormentor 0.05%
  15. Navigator 100SC
  16. Diatomaceous Earth



If you are looking for a fast cockroach control insecticide, then you can bet on Roachgon Gel. You kill cockroaches by applying it. Since it is highly palatable to a wide range of cockroaches, most of them will die within a short time. The best thing about Roachgon Gel is that it does not affect the user in any way. Also, you do not have to evacuate the house or make a lot of arrangements before its application.




Advion Cockroach gel bait is a high-performing product targeting all prevailing pest species of cockroaches, including German (also gel bait-averse), American, Australian, brown, smoky brown, Oriental, brown-banded, and Asian cockroaches. It combines a highly attractive, proprietary gel formulation with a potent, non-repellent active ingredient. Cockroaches cannot resist this superior combination, and even the toughest populations are quickly controlled.




Cockrakill Paste’s effectiveness is very impressive and it continues to protect treated surfaces for longer periods after application. If you are allergic to smell or you hate insecticide smells, then this is your best choice for cockroach killers as it is odorless and non-toxic to humans. It is recommended for poorly ventilated places and it does not corrode or destroy treated surfaces like electronics. Cockrakill Paste is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and doesn’t leave residues behind.



This gel bait has a fast knock-down action against cockroaches. It attracts roaches from their hiding spots within a home or office and kills them within 20 minutes after consumption. Not only is this gel bait ideal for use in industrial premises but it’s also the best for exterminating roaches in homes, child cares, schools, and food plants as it does not contain the most common food allergens.



If you are tired of chasing roaches around, get this green leaf powder and watch them drop dead together with their eggs within the shortest time possible. It drives out and exterminates all types of roaches in the most environmentally friendly and hygienic way. Green Leaf Powder is the most economical pesticide against roaches and it leaves no irritant odors in treated areas. It kills roaches within three days after consumption and continues to protect your home for up to three months.




Pali 50WP is especially popular because it gives you guaranteed cockroach control results and continues to protect your home against pests for more than 5 months. All you have to do is prepare the treatment as instructed and spray in areas frequented by roaches. Pali 50WP is very easy to use and does not leave a mess upon treatment.



If you are looking for a fast cockroach control insecticide, then you can bet on Mos-n-Roach. An insecticide used for Public health insect control. Very potent for the extermination of insects such as flies, cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, and houseflies.




Promax 20 EC is also another effective cockroach control insecticide. It is recommended as a public health insecticide that does not expose users to any kind of risk. A 100ml of Promax 20EC should be mixed with 4L of water in a sprayer pump. The solution should then be sprayed in crevices, cracks, and any place where the cockroaches might hide.



When using Actellic 50EC for cockroach treatment, you can be guaranteed a living in a cockroach-free house for a very long time. This cockroach control insecticide is endorsed by WHO, particularly because it protects from bugs that could cause various illnesses. Among the advantages of using Actellic 50EC is that it is very easy to use, does not harm the environment, and can be used to treat even the most resistant cockroach species.



This wide-range pesticide is highly effective in the control of cockroach species through powerful contact, ingestion, and fumigation action. Actellic 25EC can be used to exterminate even the most resistant cockroaches. It is fully recommended by WHO and has a strong persistence on inert surfaces.



Goliath Gel provides quick cockroach treatment results. This insecticide can only be applied by professionals. Before its use, the pest control professional must identify how the infestation has spread and note the critical points.   Application of Goliath Gel is usually done using a gun whereby one to three drops are applied to the target area. This cockroach control insecticide is fast, effective, and cost-effective. The user also does not have to strain to reach the areas where the cockroaches are hiding. Goliath Gel also has low odors and thus a preference for use in homes, restaurants, and offices.



Bedlam 200SL is also an effective cockroach control insecticide for use in homes and businesses. When applying it, you should mix 100ml of the insecticide with 10L of water.



Do your pest control using Fendona 60SC. If you are looking for a broad-spectrum insecticide that is easy to prepare and will continue to protect your home for up to 3 months after application, then Fendona 60SC is an excellent choice. Fendona is odor-free and does not stain or corrode treated surfaces. You will only require a low-dosage formulation to achieve a fast insect knock-down effect and highly effective cockroach control results.



If your entire plan for controlling cockroaches includes spraying every roach you see with pesticides, you can count on having a pest problem for many years to come. Exterminating a cockroach problem involves killing even the bugs that you can’t see. Tormentor 0.05% is designed to spread throughout the population of a cockroach nest, with each contaminated roach spreading it further and killing more roaches. Tormentor is great for killing all types and sizes of roaches at a low dosage for value and risk management.



Unlike other pesticides that take a long to act, Navigator 100SC kills roaches almost as soon as it is consumed. It is highly effective and it not only gives you immediate cockroach extermination results but also leaves all treated places mess-free, odor-free, and unstained.



Use Diatomaceous Earth Insecticide Dust to eliminate crawling insects such as bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, ticks, lice, fleas, mites, and spiders around your home. It dries out insects and they die of dehydration within 48 hours.




Cockroach Control Insecticide tips

Note that insecticides can provide permanent solutions for cockroach treatment. However, when applied wrongly, the cockroach infestation will continue to persist. Here are some control tips that will aid in getting rid of cockroaches.

  1. You should determine the species of the cockroaches first before applying the insecticide. Doing this can be hard and this is why you need to book the services of a cockroach control expert.
  2. Identify where the cockroaches are hiding. It could be on the cracks and crevices, dustbins, or damp areas in your house.
  3. Ensure that the insecticide you use has been approved as effective by your pest control service provider. Some of the insecticides work by repelling cockroaches rather than eliminating them. If you use such insecticides, the cockroaches will vacate to another area in your house.
  4. Deny cockroaches access to food and shelter. Oftentimes, cockroaches will find your home habitable because there is food and water. To prevent them from surviving there, ensure to cover food, wash utensils, and food spills. Also, repair the pipes that are leaking.
  5. De-clutter your house. Cockroaches often hide in dark areas that are crowded. As such, you should remove some of the items under the sink or in the cabinets. This way, you destroy their hiding places.
  6. Cockroach control should not stop after the application of insecticides. You must continually prevent the entry and attraction of pests in your home.



Treating cockroaches can be a daunting task for some people. However, some companies provide pest control services near you that would be useful. At Imagine Care Limited, we guarantee long-lasting solutions to cockroach infestations at a very affordable price.  We begin by inspecting your premises and then decide on the most effective pesticide to apply. After cockroach treatment, we follow up to ensure that our services are of great help. Head over to our online shop and buy the insecticides that you need. We deliver countrywide in Kenya.  If you want cockroach treatment services, contact +254737898884, +254759292158, +254775145267, +254103055943, +254794265503, +254756432285, +254757668223, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to .