People-Powered Networks

Powered by the Helium Blockchain, The People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.

The People’s Network is the world’s fastest-growing wireless network ever.

A New Way to Mine Crypto
By deploying a simple device in your home or office, you can provide your city with miles of low-power network coverage for billions of devices and earn a new cryptocurrency, HNT.

Become a Hospot Host

We are a Helium Hotspot deployer. We purchase hotspots from Helium, find hosts to host and share a portion of the profits with the host.

Become a host using our free hotspots and help us build the world’s largest IoT network while earning passive monthly income in the process.

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Helium Hotspots Deployment in Kenya

Get Your Free Helium Hotspot Today!

FREE Helium Hotspot, No Hidden Fees, Only Profits! On average our hosts earn ~$35 – $100/month passive income!

we lend helium hotspot
We lend you a Free Helium Hotspot in exchange for a 20% share of the profits monthly. In order to provide coverage, each hotspot needs to be at least 900 feet apart. This is why we need hosts (you) to help us spread out the hotspots.
set up the helium hotspot
We send you your Hotspot. You plug it in, connect it to your WIFI and set it up in a good spot. The expected bandwidth utilized by the hotspot is 1-5 kb/s (very little). The Hotspot uses a small amount of power, roughly 5W at peak. This is less than a standard LED light bulb.
we pay a portion of the helium earnings
We track all of the profits and pay you 20% of the earnings monthly. Our average host earns ~$35 – $100 each month for hosting a hotspot. However, earnings vary quite a bit from month to month, and location to location.
keep helium hotspot online
Request a Helium Hotspot through Whatsapp: +254734912982, Receive your hotspot and set it up with the best/furthest and most unobstructed view of the surrounding area (no bug screens)!… That’s it. Sit back and enjoy the profits.

Host Application Form

Ready to become a host and start earning passive income? Fill out the form below to see if your location qualifies! We are currently accepting hosts in Kenya only.

Do you have uninterrupted power supply? *
Do you have good internet (WiFi)? *
How long will you live here? *
Select the option that best describes the area around your location *
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