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At ‘Imagine Care Limited’, we believe there is a better way to do things. A more valuable, less invasive way where customers are fully satisfied. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

We focus on Cleaning, Pest Control, Insect Control, Fumigation, Disinfection, Sanitization, Detergents, Covid-19 PPE, Agrochemicals, Sanitary Bins, Chemicals, IoT, Bio-Digester Enzymes and Bacteria, Seeds, Pet Supplies, Fertilizers, Animal Health, Crop care, Waste Bins, Disinfectants, Medical Supplies, Safety PPE, and an online Shop of related products.

They are some of the least understood and least transparent aspects of life, and we see that as an opportunity: We’re excited to simplify them for everyone through our website, online shop, and actual fieldwork.

imagine care mission

Our Mission

Make delivery of services at the doorstep as reliable as running water, everywhere, for everyone.

imagine care vision

Our Vision

To provide excellent, satisfactory, and affordable services to households and businesses.

imagine care core values

Our Core Values

Passionate, Customer Happiness, Excellence, Smart & Knowledgeable.

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Save 20% on Fumigation

Get Rid of Pests

Imagine Care’s fumigation service is the best way to keep the worst kinds of pests, bacteria, and viruses out of your home. It acts as a shield around your home, protecting your family and loved ones from disease-carrying pests.

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10% Off on Cleaning

Professional Cleaners

Get All Your Residential & Commercial Cleaning Done Today. Hire Trusted Local Cleaners, On-Demand.

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Sanitary bin pedal in white & blue

Sanitary Bins

Pedal Bins

Safe Waste Disposal

We provide safe and environmentally friendly feminine sanitary bins for waste disposal in businesses and institutions.

Buy Bins or Book Bin Service
Kungunil 200SL 1L for Bedbugs


Farm Inputs

Crop Care

Agrochemicals are chemical products comprised of fertilizers, plant-protection chemicals or pesticides, and plant-growth hormones used in agriculture.

Shop Online
Good Day N95 FFP2 KF94 Mask


Protect Yourself

Safety Materials

Equipment is worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses.

Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) - 160 Kg


Same Day Delivery

Industrial Chemicals

We’re a one-stop shop for the widest range of industrial chemicals.

Order Chemicals
Multi-Purpose Detergent-citrus


Hygiene Supplies

Ceaning Supplies

Buy Personal Hygiene Products and Supplies on SALE! Get the lowest prices on antiseptics, antibacterials, detergents, sanitizers, and more.

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Nano Steam Gun Atomizer

Covid-19 Supplies

Stay Safe

Kick Out Corona

Disinfection is the process of eliminating or reducing harmful microorganisms from inanimate objects and surfaces, killing all microorganisms.

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Enjoy Free Delivery

Work Tools

Get All Your farm tools, garden equipment, and office tools. Hire Trusted Suppliers, On-Demand.

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Medical Supplies

Instant Deliveries

Health Supplies

We supply medical or surgical items that are consumable, expendable, disposable, or non-durable and that are used for the treatment or diagnosis of a patient’s specific illness, injury, or condition.

Buy Medical Supplies

Public Health

Wide Range of Products

Public Safety

Public health pesticide (PHP) – Pesticide that is used in the control of. pests of public health significance. They include vector control pesticides, household pesticides, and professional pest management pesticides (i.e. pesticides used by pest control operators).

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medical waste bins

Waste Bins

Wide Range

Dirt Bins

We stock waste bins, pedal bins, and wheeled bins at affordable rates.

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Sofa Cleaning Prices

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  • Very effective and professional fumigation service. Top quality

    Frank Kaleve Avatar Frank Kaleve

    Very fast and great service.kudos!

    Micino Brian Avatar Micino Brian

    Professional..they keep time. Highly recommended.

    Okello Winnie Avatar Okello Winnie
  • Super prompt delivery and efficiency! I only hope you can consider setting up a credit card payment option.

    Elisha Nyikuli Avatar Elisha Nyikuli

Trusted Bedbug Insecticides

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Biodigesters & Enzymes

Disinfectants & Sanitizers

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