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Do You Want Sanitary Bin Services?

Providing your female washroom visitors and employees with a discrete and hygienic way to dispose of feminine waste is a vital consideration.

  1. We supply 18-liter, blue, no-touch silent lid opening designs that protect users from seeing the contents inside.
  2. Sanitary bin units are serviced and maintained by trained and approved technicians.
  3. Feminine waste is handled in a safe, sensitive and environmentally friendly manner.
  4. The pedal-operated bins are treated with fragrance materials, which combats any unpleasant odors and destroys harmful bacteria.
  5. Offer a discreet and convenient method to safely and hygienically dispose of sanitary waste.
  6. These bins are slim to fit any cubicle or washroom.

As simple as a,b,c (That’s right 3 easy steps!)

How our Service Works

Why We’re Better for You 

You’ve already struggled enough…

Enjoy our sanitary bins

Our service rates are Kes 1,500 per bin per collection.

A refundable one-month service lease deposit of Kes 1,500 per bin per change is paid once upfront as security for bins to be installed in your washroom(s).

Each time we collect the filled up bin(s), we leave behind fresh, sanitized and ready to use bin(s).

The collection & disposal frequency can either be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly depending on the organizations’ needs.

What You Benefit

  • Slim which can fit any cubicle.
  • Hands free, you can’t see what is inside.
  • Quiet, reliable operation for hygienic, discreet use.
  • Scheduled sanitary bin exchanges.
  • Full compliance with Kenyan legislation.

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Delivering The Best Standards

Providing for people’s basic human needs is not just about meeting your legal duty of care. It is about reassuring your staff and visitors that their needs come first.

Poorly managed sanitary bins make a bad first impression, and do little to encourage confidence or loyalty towards your organisation.

Getting the basics like sanitary bins and bag dispensers right will make all the difference, and we’ve got a size suited to meet your requirements.

At Imagine Care we work with you to make the basics better. You set the service schedule, and we’ll get on with the job of delivering hygienically clean sanitary bins with every visit.

Customers ♥ Imagine Care

We had problems with our urinals getting blocked and since using Imagine Care, we’ve had very few issues. The team are very professional and communicate well. Any problems are dealt with efficiently.


Very punctual, friendly and professional staff. Excellent sanitary bin solutions with great response times from support! Thank you.


The team was really helpful in selling and delivering sanitary bins to Kisumu within 24 hours! Will definitely recommend them.


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