By ordering services from us, you agree you’ve read and accepted these terms, which comprise the following:

1) Transportation and Accommodation Charges

All service repeats are Free. All authorized service repeats require your facilitation on transport(to and fro) and accommodation which will be determined by the company staff. Transportation fees of Ksh 999 shall be paid upfront.

2) Repeats Policy

If for any reason the customer is not satisfied with the service and provides substantial video and image evidence, we provide a service repeat for free. However, restrictions may apply to certain repeats, as detailed below and as updated from time to time.  Proof of live pests via a video or image is required to receive a service repeat.
The supplier reserves the right to refuse any UNAUTHORIZED repeats: those that occur after 24 hours of cleaning, 60 days on general pests, and 365 days on termites or those involving Services that are unaccompanied by a valid service report.

To facilitate a repeat claim, we require the customer to provide the following information to Imagine Care Customer Service: customer name, customer telephone number, customer email address, copy of the receipt of service, and details of the Customer’s issue with the service.

In addition, all Services MUST HAVE permitted one hundred percent (100%) property access, including all locked rooms. The supplier reserves the right to refuse the repeat of that had incomplete property access. All repeats must be authorized.

3)  Repeats Restrictions:

3.1) On-Time Warranty Service Repeats

Customers may seek service repeats from Imagine Care Limited within 24 hours on cleaning, 60 days on general pests, and 365 days on termites the service from the service date. For all on-time service repeats sought, a complaint form should be compiled. After feedback from the management or customer care, the supplier will issue an option for a service repeat or not. For all project repeats requested within 24 hours on cleaning, 60 days on general pests, and 365 days on termites the service warranty will apply.

3.2) Expired Warranty Service Repeats

Imagine Care Limited does not accept service repeats of any project that is reported past the warranty period of 24 hours on cleaning, 60 days on general pests, and 365 days on termites.

3.3) No Warranty Available

If no warranty was issued at the site, you are automatically disqualified.

3.4) Frequency of Repeats

The company is obligated to offer a maximum of one service repeat per warranty. When an extra request is made, the client must pay a discounted 50% of the initial service cost upfront for a new fresh service.

4) Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Services

  • Warranty service repeats will not be accepted without a warranty certificate.
  • Products shall not be liable under this warranty if: (i) Consumable parts are damaged (ii) Cosmetic damage (iii) Normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product.
  • Repeats to be offered for warranty coverage must be within the applicable warranty period.
  • Please allow approximately 7-10 business days for repeat processing.

5) How to Claim a Service Repeat

Imagine Care Limited wants you to be thrilled with your new service. However, if you need a service repeat, we’re here to help.

5.1)  Share Videos and Pictures

To qualify for a service repeat, kindly share video and image evidence. Once received, your repeat is processed within 7-10 business days.

6) Service Cancellation

In the event of a postponed service request after confirmation and while the technician is en route to or present at your residence, a new service fee will be applicable.

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