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Wasps are considered pests for the painful stings they can inflict. There are over 100 types of wasps in Kenya. Wasp control is warranted in circumstances when a wasps nest is established in a area in close proximity to people and pets.

Paper wasps and bald-faced hornets  are particularly aggressive and their stings can lead to fatal anaphylactic shock in rare instances. Imagine Care provides residential and commercial customers with effective wasp nest removal services.

Worried about wasps? Contact Imagine Care to schedule for a technician to inspect your property and develop a custom treatment plan for your situation.

Wasps Identification

Wasps vary tremendously depending on species. Most have two pair of wings and a pinched waist. They range in colors from black to metallic greens and blues and vary in size from almost microscopic to several centimeters long.

wasp control

How Do Wasps Get Into the House?

Generally, wasps get in through openings that lead inside our homes and commercial buildings. Therefore, effectively sealing openings that may lead into a home is critical for wasp prevention.

In addition, sealing access points inside your home will help prevent problems from many other pest insects and spiders.

Why do they come in?

Wasps come inside because they are looking for:

  1. a food source
  2. a nesting site
  3. a protected place to overwinter (hibernate)
  4. accident or happenstance

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Bedsitter: New* Ksh 6,000

Single: New* Ksh 6,000

S.Q/Cube: New* Ksh 6,000

Studio: New* Ksh 6,000

Double: New* Ksh 6,000

Guardhouse: New* Ksh 6,000

Bar/Lodge: New* Ksh 6,000

Single Room: New* Ksh 6,000

Kitchen only: New* Ksh 6,000

Bus/Matatu: New* Ksh 6,000

Pantry/Store: New* Ksh 6,000

Lorry/Car: New* Ksh 6,000

Camp/Tent: New* Ksh 6,000

Cabin/Cottage: New* Ksh 6,000

Institution beds: New* Ksh 500

Lockers: New* Ksh 500

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1 Bedroom: New* Kes 7,000

2 Bedroom: New* Kes 8,000

3 Bedroom: New* Kes 9,000

4 Bedroom: New* Kes 10,000

5 Bedroom: New* Kes 11,000

6 Bedroom: New* Kes 12,000

7 Bedroom: New* Kes 13,000

Butchery: New* Kes 10,000

Restaurant: New* Kes 20,000

Jet/Yatch: New* Kes 20,000

Warehouse: New* Kes 20,000

Pallets: New* Kes 1,000

Survey: New* Kes 1,500

Size: New* Kes 50/Sq.m

Size: New* Kes 10/Sq.ft

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    • Instant Results – Knock down of wasps is immediate.
    • Free Inspection – We offer free and detailed Inspection to determine the root problem.
    • Experienced & Knowledgeable stewards – Rich in hands on experience having handled numerous household, hotel, restaurant, school and office wasp breakouts successfully.
    • Swift Response – We’ll arrive within 2 hours.
    • Recommendations – Our technicians provide a service report with recommendations on how to avoid future re infestations.
    • Discreet Service – We arrive at your premises in unmarked vehicles for privacy.
    • Tailored solutions – designed specifically for each problem.
    • Pest awareness training – We’ll provide training to homeowners and house-keeping staff to help them spot the early signs of a pest problem, thereby enabling quicker and more effective treatments.

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