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Imagine Care® offers powerful, customized bat control, removal, and exclusion. We work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible.

Imagine Care® knows how to determine if bats are in your home. We offer bat control solutions, which are fast, effective and non-toxic. If you think you might have bats and need a bat removal, call Imagine Care® today and schedule a QUICK Batremoval service.

Signs & symptoms of a Bat infestation

  • Bat droppings {guano} – a bat’s droppings can carry a fungus known to cause Histoplasmosis and Cryptocacaous. It’s therefore advisable advisable to avoid inhaling the air around the guano.
  • Bat Stains – bats can leave visible grease marks around the area they are inhabiting.
  • Bat odor – bat urine emits a very strong and offensive odor, which could linger inside your home or business.
  • Bat bugs – a bat roost can harbor other parasites such as the bat bug. Bat bugs can move into other living quarters of a home, and they can easily be confused with bed bugs since they also bite.
  • Injured bats – they have a likelihood to bite house occupants if you get close to them.

Over 40 bat species exist in the United States alone, and nearly 1,000 different species live around the world. They have a bad reputation and are often thought of as flying rats. Although bats are capable of spreading disease, much like rats, their existence is beneficial to humans and the environment in a way rats are not.

While some bat species feed on nectar, other small mammals, fish, or, like the notorious vampire bats of South America, blood, the vast majority of bat species are insectivores and maintain a diet of night-flying insects like mosquitoes, beetles, and moths. As these insects are often pests themselves, controlled populations of bats around homes can be considered favorable.

Bats have furry bodies that range in color to include shades of tan, red, brown, and grey. To compensate for their poor eyesight, bats typically have large ears designed for echolocation. As the only mammals capable of flight, they are very light and have wings. The bone structure of the wing resembles that of a human hand, as there are flaps of skin between the bones.

At their tiniest, bats grow between 2.5 to 3.5 inches (6 to 9 cm) in length and have a wingspan of about 8 inches (20 cm). Larger species range from 7 to 8 inches (18 to 20 cm) in length and have a wingspan between 21 and 23 inches (53 and 58 cm).

Are bats known to enter homes or yards?

For the most part, bats are innocuous because they are nocturnal and humans sleep through their activity. However, in order to survive cold winters in various regions of the world, bats enter homes and roost in secluded locations like attics. They can squeeze into openings as tiny as a quarter of an inch (6 mm) in diameter, such as cracks around windows and doors, pipes and electrical wiring that lead inside, and vents.

Highly adaptable, bats set up roosts in a variety of environments like deserts, woodlands, suburbs, and urban areas. They are found around the world and only avoid extreme climate zones like the polar regions or especially harsh deserts. While bats prefer warm temperatures, they survive in temperate environments by hibernating come winter months. Bats will use barns, attics, caves, tree cavities, and the undersides of bridges to roost and/or overwinter.

Since bat populations can prove beneficial, some homeowners construct what are known as bat houses close to gardens and around homes in order to keep bats from roosting where they are unwanted. Since bats will likely still target any available structure, homes remain susceptible unless individuals take the time to seal off potential points of entry. In addition to sealing cracks and openings, illuminating attic spaces and eaves during nighttime hours helps deter bats from roosting, as does placing fans in attics to lower the temperature.

Do bats harm people or property?

While bats are beneficial creatures overall, they do pose certain health threats. Diseases like rabies and histoplasmosis are often associated with bats. Though 99 percent of rabies-related deaths are caused by rabid dogs, bats are still carriers of the disease. Thankfully, even rabid bats refrain from biting humans unless they feel threatened in some way.

While the fungus that causes histoplasmosis is not carried by bats, it lives in warm, humid soil. Bat droppings act as a catalyst for the development of the fungus, and human infection occurs when people inhale the spores.

Bats also host ectoparasites, like fleas, flies, ticks, and mites, that endanger the health of humans and pets. Finally, bat urine can cause a pervasive and unpleasant smell, while bat droppings stain ceilings and building visages.

Get Rid Of Bats Faster

  • Our trained technicians will protect your home and family against bats.
  • Technicians are available 24/7 to service your home in just 2 hours after booking.
  • We have more than 5 years of experience tcontroling bats and other pests successfully.
  • Our advanced solutions adapt with seasonal pest activity to give you year-round protection. 
  • We’ll do whatever it takes, including coming back at no cost, until bats are gone.
  • 100% satisfaction backed up by a 60 days guarantee.

How We Get Rid Of Bats

  • A vetted technician will arrive in an unmarked vehicle/bike/uber/bolt for privacy.
  • The technician performs an extensive inspection of your home, including ceilings or barns.
  • Imagine Care® removes visible bats and treats the area with a combination of safe, pet-friendly, and instant killing insecticides to eliminate any hidden bat bugs, mites, bacteria, and their eggs in just one visit.
  • The technician clears the bat droppings(guano) from the ceiling and performs exclusion using temporary wire mesh and sealants for small openings.
  • Step out, then re-enter the bat-free house after approximately two hours when the house has ventilated and the mist dried up.
  • Imagine Care® backs the work with our pest control report, receipt, and 60 days bat guarantee.
  • A free call follows up after 7 days to determine how you’re faring.

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  • Timely responses to all your queries
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  • Paying marked prices gets you premium services
  • Full paperwork for the service

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    Why people always choose us!

    • Instant Results – Knock down of bats is immediate
    • Free Inspection – We offer free and detailed Inspection to determine the root problem
    • Experienced & Knowledgeable stewards – Rich in hands on experience having handled numerous household, hotel, restaurant, school and office bat breakouts successfully
    • Swift Response – We’ll arrive within the shortest time possible. I.e Within 2 hours
    • Recommendations – Our technicians provide a service report with recommendations on how to avoid future re infestations
    • Discreet Service – We arrive at your premises in unmarked trucks for privacy
    • Tailored solutions – designed specifically for each problem
    • Pest awareness training – We’ll provide training to homeowners and house-keeping staff to help them spot the early signs of a bat problem, thereby enabling quicker and more effective treatments

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    Imagine Care definitely fixed our bat problem. We went from disturbing attic sounds to peace of mind.


    Would definitely recommend them to all my friends, thank you so much Imagine Care.


    Imagine Care did a great job clearing up bats in my Parklands home. They cam out immediately and we haven’t had any further incidents since their treatment.

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