How to prevent Bed bugs from quickly reproducing and spreading fast is an easy routine if you choose to follow it. While it is difficult to avoid, there are a few precautions to take to reduce the chances of breeding a colony of bed bugs in your own home.


While Travellingtravelling-bedbugs

When on the go, make it a habit to check beds for common signs of bed bugs. And you should always remember to store luggage in a cool area when not in use, such as a garage. When you return from a trip, wash all clothes and luggage at temperatures of over 60 degrees Celsius to prevent bed bugs. Bed bugs cannot survive at very high temperatures.



In your Home

bed bugs-home

Bedbugs look very tiny and can secretly breed in very tiny cracks and crevices. Regular vacuuming and cleaning can highly reduce the chances of ever being at risk of having a bed bug infestation. Proper hygiene in any household will prevent bed bugs from breeding completely.


At the Hostel



Friends visiting might accidentally transfer a bug to your room unknowingly, which might lead to a bed bug infestation if it won’t be noticed. Make it a habit of washing your clothes and bedding at very high temperatures and encourage the school administration to hire a pest control company for regular fumigation exercises when schools close.


For Hotel and Lodge Owners



Bed bugs are usually transported into hotels and lodges via people’s luggage so you need to be vigilant every time a new guest book into a room and the bed linen is being changed.

Things such as metal bed frames, mattress covers, and correct disposal and storage of used bed linen can all prevent a bedbug infestation.


Do I Have Bed Bugs?


pest control company


Despite many myths, bed bugs are possible to spot with the naked eye. Once grown, they are around 4-5mm in size and red or brown in color. You can easily spot a bed bug after it has fed as this makes it appear fatter, and darker in color. Be thorough when doing a bed bug inspection; the crawlies are good at hiding and can flatten themselves to appear almost paper-thin.



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