A termite infestation can be devastating and cause a lot of damage to your home. These insects usually attack in an overwhelming number which makes it easy for them to cause huge destruction to property. They feed on dead plants, trees, cardboard, paper, wood, and any material that contains cellulose. As such, the threat of termite infestations in your home is alive. They could be attracted by the mulch in your backyard or the beams in your walls.  This is why you should seek field-tested and verified termite control pesticides in Kenya from Imagine Care Online Shop. Whether you are looking to prevent termites before construction or to keep them away from your house, we’ve got you covered. 



Signs of a termite infestation; 

  • Blowholes in trees; subterranean termites create their colonies on tree trunks.
  • Termite frass; termite droppings can be found on surfaces around the house.
  • Mud tunnels; subterranean termites usually create tunnels which they use to transport food.
  • Hollow wood; wood damage can be found in hidden areas like behind walls and floors.
  • Blisters in wood flooring.
  • Termite wings near entry points such as doors and windows.



What termite control pesticides can I use to treat termites in Kenya?

  1. Termidor 96 SCTermidor controls termites (subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry wood termites) and ant populations faster than any other termiticide in the market. It’s the ultimate defense against termites by killing and protecting your home and business from future termite infestations for over 10 years. Notably, this termicide helps in reaching termites in hidden colonies undetected. Termites usually contact it, ingest it and transfer it to other members of the colony who eventually die.
  2. Premise 200 SCPremise 200SC helps in eradicating termites when they come into contact with it, ingest it, and spread it to the colony. Premise 200SC is among the best termite control pesticides because it provides an instant kill and a long-lasting solution. After the initial treatment, retreatment can be done even after five years. The termicide is recommended for pre-and post-construction treatment, road construction, airport runway, construction perimeter treatment, and termite mounds.
  3.  Gladiator 4TCGladiator 4TC is fully tested and recommended in Kenya. Its low water solubility makes it reach only the targeted areas. This termite control pesticide is suitable for use in buildings, prefabricated timber houses, and treatment of termite nests in lawns, gardens, and sugar cane.
  4. Bamako 700WG
    Bamako 700WG is used to treat termites and other insects that attack crops. It works by way of interfering with the nervous system of termites thus hindering damage to crops. This pesticide provides a long-lasting efficacy.
  5. Metro 200SCMetro 200SC is an insecticide for the control of subterranean termites in forestry and wood structures.  Metro is known to stop termites that don’t die immediately from grooming and caring for other members of the colony, soil-borne diseases spread, and high mortality follows within days.
  6. Emerald 200SLEmerald 200SL is a highly effective systemic foliar insecticide with a high residual effect, for controlling sucking insects in a wide range of agricultural crops and a termicide for building construction and fruit trees. Notably, emerald 200SL is easy to handle and provides long-lasting effectiveness.
  7. Undertaker 480EC (100ml)This pesticide is used on wood building or construction and on trees in controlling termites. It kills termites quickly and is biofriendly. The application should not be done on excessively wet soils or when it is raining to avoid the chemical from running off.



Simple home termite prevention practices 

Besides the termite control pesticides, there are other simple home practices that can keep your home free from termites. These include;

  • Keep mulch away from your house: mulch acts as a source of food and moisture for termites.
  • Avoid burying wooden waste close to your yard: Termites feed on wood because it contains high amounts of cellulose.
  • Clear fallen branches and twigs from your yard as they are food sources for termites.
  • Treat wood with chemicals. When building, always ensure that the timber or wooden material has been treated. If not treated, termites can use it to access your property. 
  • Repair leaking taps or sinks at home. Termites rely on moisture to survive and when they have access, they will infest a home.
  • Conduct regular termite inspections. Hiring a termite control expert occasionally can help in identifying termite infestations. This can help to evade the damages caused by termites. 
  • Pretreat your house before construction. This helps to create a barrier that prevents termites from reaching the house. 
  • Seal entry points; termites are small in size and can fit in small holes. As such, it is important to seal cracks and entry points so that they do not find a way in.  



Termite control can be quite difficult as it requires certain skills and tools. To identify the critical areas leading to termite infestations, one ought to have knowledge about construction. Additionally, the effectiveness of the termite control pesticides depends on proper application. A termite control professional is highly skilled to eradicate termites from your home.

At Imagine Care, we provide premium termite control products that are fast-acting and entomologist approved. We also offer free advice on termite prevention solutions. Head over to our online shop for affordable termite control pesticides. For termite treatment services, call us on +254737898884, +254759292158, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to .