Forced to stay at home during the current lockdown, many people are getting around to doing odd jobs around the house. Some attempting to control pests themselves. Whether it be through purchasing insecticides online or making homemade mouse traps, people are turning to DIY pest control in these difficult times.



Here at Imagine Care, we have identified 3 main reasons why you shouldn’t attempt pest control yourself at home:


1. It is ineffective

There are a few reasons why DIY pest control is ineffective. Firstly, many products that are available to purchase online to the average consumer consist of low-level chemicals which simply don’t work. In comparison, technicians who are fully qualified are able to use higher quality and concentrated chemicals that will target specific pests.

Secondly, attempting to treat an infestation without the relevant knowledge, qualifications, and experience, can lead you to choose and apply the wrong products. Under-baiting is a particular problem for many DIYers and this can lead to pest resistance over time. Similarly, over-baiting makes baits and poisons open to non-target species, including wildlife and pets.

Finally, DIY pest control doesn’t get to the root of the problem. Buy-it-online products often seem a good short-term fix. For example, traps. Traps will target a rodent problem by killing the few in that particular area. However, this does not eliminate the source of the problem and therefore doesn’t solve the issue of a rodent infestation. Our technicians can provide expert advice to customers and identify why you have pests, where they are coming from, and what to do about them. All pest issues require a multi-faceted approach to eliminate the problem, not just a short-term solution.



2. It is unsafe

As well as being ineffective, some DIY products can be unsafe. Using the incorrect equipment can be harmful to your health, and that of your pets and children. Laid by untrained persons, chemicals and poisons could contaminate your water supply, plants, and even the air inside your home.

It is also important to remember that pests themselves pose a risk and if left untreated can lead to the spread of disease, the contamination of food, and even put your home at a fire risk (such as from rats gnawing cables).



3. It’s a waste of money

DIY products are often over-priced and don’t work. What’s more, DIY  pest control can actually be more expensive in the long run. As we have mentioned, DIY products, will not get to the root of the problem, leaving your home open to repeated infestations, causing you to repurchase the DIY pest control treatment over and over. While the up-front cost of a pest control service can seem pricey, you’ll find that you save money and gain peace of mind in the long term by choosing to pay for a professional service. Professional pest control services will eliminate infestations fast and effectively.



When pest infestations aren’t handled properly, they can spread the bugs instead of eliminating them. If however, you do find yourself with a pest infestation, then the best thing you can do is contact us on 0759292158, 0103055943, 0742448334, 0756432285, or drop an email to  to schedule an appointment.