Most Kenyans have never seen a bed bug, and until recently, most have never had a problem with bed bugs.



Here are ten facts about bed bugs you should know about:


Bed bugs, known scientifically as Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae) are small wingless insects that feed by hematophagy – exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded animals.



As we are warm-blooded animals, we are ideal hosts for bed bugs.



They are called bed bugs because of their preferred habitat in human homes: sofas, bed mattresses, and other soft furnishings.



Most bed bugs feed on their hosts while they are asleep. The host supplies them with blood in a painless way, never knowing it is happening.



The most active time for a bed bug is about one hour before sunrise – the peak time for feeding.



Feeding takes about five minutes, after which the bug returns to its hiding place.



A female bed bug lays approximately 5 eggs in one day and about 500 during her lifetime.



Bites can sometimes take up to nine days to become visible. Unlike flea bites, bed bug bites do not usually have a red dot in the center.



Bed bugs, like fleas, tend to bite in rows. There are likely to be two or three bites all in a row.



Since they can hide in so many places, they are not easy to eradicate. Unless you have a lot of time at your disposal, and limitless patience, it is advisable to get a professional in pest control by Contacting us on 0759292158, 0103055943, 0742448334, 0756432285, or drop an email to .