Pit latrines are the lowest cost method of disposing of organic waste. They are useful in that they enable people to live in a clean environment free from contamination from feces and the odor that comes from it. However, there are major concerns that the pathogens contained in this waste contaminate underground water thus rendering it unsafe for human consumption. People, therefore, need to use super septic treatment to promote environmental safety and human health.



Super septic is a substance that contains a combination of bacteria that degrade organic waste. It can be used for different applications being that it contains both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria. The main benefit of super septic is that it is environmentally friendly and does not expose living things to any kind of danger upon use.



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Benefits of using Super Septic


  • Environmentally friendly

When applying any kind of treatment in your home, it is important to use environmentally friendly products. Super Septic promotes environmental safety as it contains bacteria, microorganisms, and enzymes that are not harmful to living things.



  • Cost-effectiveness

Super Septic treatment causes a drop in the pit levels of long-drop latrines. This is quite an advantage to homeowners. Before treatment, pit latrines fill up very quickly because the natural biomass dies. Additionally, the more the pit latrine levels fill up, the more the people in the compound are exposed to odor. This causes homeowners to spend a lot of money on waste exhaustion especially when it has to be done regularly. With treatment, the pit latrine takes a longer time to fill thus reducing exhaustion costs.

Super Septic treatment also reduces the cost of disposing of waste in the sense that a homeowner is able to avoid using sewers. In urban places, many homeowners are forced to use sewers. Connecting to sewers is more expensive than building your own septic system. Additionally, you will be required to pay some costs to the municipal council to access the public sewerage system. As such, it is best to embrace the super septic treatment in your premises.



  • Keeps the environment fresh and clean

Super Septic eliminates the odor that comes from the pit latrine enabling you to enjoy the fresh air. Before treatment, the odor can accumulate in the compound thus attracting flies. Flies can contaminate food and also be a nuisance. To prevent odor and flies, it is best to treat the pit latrine with Super Septic.  



  • Liquefies waste

Super Septic liquefies solid waste. Before treatment, the accumulation of solid waste can lead to pit congestion. This prevents solids from seeping away. After treatment, however, this solid waste is converted into liquid form. Most importantly, the waste does not contaminate the underground water. Therefore, when you use Super Septic to treat the pit latrine, you are not only promoting environmental safety but also human health.

How to use super septic

Super Septic treatment involves spreading the content of the substance over the surface of the pit.  There are two methods that you should strictly follow for the best results with Super Septic treatment.

  • Shock treatment

During the first month of use, 1 sachet of super septic should be used every week.


  • Maintenance

Super septic should not just be used once. If you want to realize its benefits fully, continue using it. You will only need to use 1 sachet every month.

If you are not familiar with Super Septic treatment, you might need to contact a professional to do the work. At Imagine Care, our goal is to ensure that you live and work in a clean and comfortable environment. To do this, we avail of the most effective and environmentally friendly products for various treatments in your home. You can purchase Super Septic online here https://imaginecare.co.ke/product/super-septic/ and get it delivered to your doorstep anytime.

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