Selective herbicides are chemicals that are designed to kill or damage specific broadleaf and grassy weeds while sparing others. By spraying a lawn with selective herbicides, specific target weeds will be harmed by the product while your desired grasses and plants will be unaffected.



Selective herbicides are great to use when you see weeds growing in areas among your desired grasses and plants so you don’t have to worry about being careful with spot treating and getting chemicals on your grass and harming them in your efforts to kill the weed.

Selective herbicides are very easy to use. Simply mix the selective herbicide of your choice in a handheld sprayer with water according to the label directions. Then you can apply to the targeted plants you want to go and that’s it!



Shop our top recommended selective herbicides online here. If you need help with choosing the right product or would like more information on applying the product properly, our experienced lawn care experts will be happy to help you.



Our Recommendation



Selective Lawn Weedkiller Herbicide

Selective Lawn Weed Killer (200ml)

It is one of the best selective herbicides we use to eliminate a wide range of perennial and annual broadleaf and grassy weeds leaving the grass unharmed. It is formulated to protect most grassy lawns, turfs, and various crop areas from unwanted weeds.

Selective Lawn Weed Killer is a dual-action systemic herbicide which means it works through the leaf surface and the roots. When using Selective Lawn Weed Killer you’ll spray the target weed itself and then spray around the weed so it will soak in through the roots, making it much more likely to kill the plant.



User Guide

Tools Needed






Step 1: Measure and Mix The Herbicide



Mixing selective herbicides in a sprayer


You need to determine how much herbicide you need for your application by calculating the square footage of the area to be treated. To do this, measure and multiply the target area’s length and width (length x width = square footage).

For Selective Lawn Weed Killer, you can mix 60ml to 20lt of water per 100 square meters. For example, if you have a 1,000 sq.m. yard to treat, you will need to mix 600ml to 200lt of water.


Step 2: Apply the Product



Spraying selective herbicide on a lawn.


With your PPE on, begin spraying the target area making sure to keep the sprayer nice and low to ground close to the vegetation so it doesn’t drift from wind.

Spray lightly and make sure you don’t spray any of your desired grass. Even though the product is a selective herbicide you will still want to spot treat.

Get the vegetation wet but not to the point of runoff as you down want the chemical dripping onto other plants that are non-target. Be particularly careful to avoid spraying non-target tree roots.



Step 3: Reapply As Needed

You should start to notice yellowing in just a couple of days and within a week or two, the plants should be dead. In some instances, you might have to reapply until the target weeds are completely dead.



Things To Consider