It has become a norm for people living in Nairobi, Kenya to seek pest control services from companies. While at it, they expect exceptional and targeted pest treatment that will not only exterminate the pests but also prevent their occurrences in the future. However, such services might not be satisfactory particularly when an individual hires an unqualified pest control service provider.  There are several providers of pest control services in Nairobi and it can be quite difficult to know the one who provides genuine and long-lasting solutions. The following tips will be very useful in helping you select the best pest control company.




Once you notice that you require pest control services in Nairobi, the first step you should take is conducting some research. There are several companies in this industry. Some of them are very popular while others are barely known. Ensure to inquire from your peers, colleagues, or family. Also, browse the internet to access the pest control companies’ websites and social media pages. Reading the customer reviews on their pages will also come in handy to help you know the one that is best suited to meet your needs. Positive reviews reveal that the company is reliable and vice versa.




Being that there are several pest control providers today, there is a probability that some of them are not certified. Undoubtedly, if a company is not certified, it cannot be trusted to deliver the right and recommended pest control services. As such, ensure to gather information about the certification and compliance with Occupational Health and Safety.




Before employing an individual, the employer is very much interested in the experience that they have. Similarly, when seeking pest control services in Nairobi, investigate the number of years that the company has been providing the services. If they have been in the industry for long, chances are that they are well versed with pest control and treatment. Therefore, they can guarantee you satisfactory services. A company with more than 5 years’ experience can guarantee proficient services.



Risk-free and eco-friendly services


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Often, pest control services involve the use of pesticides. However, there are some chemicals that are harmful to human beings. As such, always insist on environmentally friendly techniques. The chemicals applied should also be used as recommended. Before the treatment begins, ask the service provider about the pesticides and also find information about their safety.  Your safety and that of your family are important, thus the need for risk-free services.



The type of pest

This is another significant consideration that a person should make when selecting the best pest control services in Nairobi. While some companies treat a wide range of pests, there are some that specialize in specific ones. Therefore, ensure to determine if the company you are selecting provides treatment services for the pest infestation that is causing chaos in your facility.  Going to specific specialization guarantees quality and satisfactory services.



Inspection of the facility before pest control services

Before having a service provider treat your facility, always insist on a full inspection.  Let them know how the pest infestation is spread across the premises. An inspection allows them to know the type of techniques to use and also the arrangements you should make to allow them to do their job.  You are also placed in a better position to bargain the price of the services.



Follow up

You also need to consider whether the company offers after services such as follow-ups. After suffering from a pest infestation, you mainly want to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.  This can only be guaranteed through follow-ups by your service provider. Follow-ups allow the pest control service provider to know if the treatment was effective. They can also offer advice on how to stay pest-free in the long run.






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If you are seeking pest control services in Nairobi, you definitely want to feel the value for your money.  Pest control and treatment services are very important but they should be accessed at a reasonable price. However, it is important to understand that high or low prices do not guarantee quality services. Therefore, ensure to match the quality of the services and the price.

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