Bedbug re-infestation by school going kids is an issue that is often ignored but one that needs to be discussed in depth.  When there is a bedbug re-infestation at home, people tend to blame the pest control experts for doing their job poorly. This should not be the case as school going kids could be the reason why you have had to deal with bedbug infestation for the umpteenth time.

Kids do not literally collect bedbugs and carry them home. The bedbugs find their way to your home by attaching themselves to your kids’ clothes, boxes, computers, bags, and belongings. Notice that your kids mingle with other kids whose homes are infested with bedbugs. As they live together in dormitories or learn in class, the bedbugs spread to their items without their knowledge.



The tips below will help you to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids:

  1. Look for bedbug bites

One of the most important steps to take to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids is by looking for bedbug bites. If your kid has bites on their skin when they return from school, it means that there is an infestation in school that could easily spread to your house.  Bedbug bites usually appear in a row or a cluster. Encourage your kid to tell you such things as bites or rashes so that you can know how to prevent re-infestation.

  1. Wash your kid’s clothes in hot water

Since determining if there’s a bedbug infestation in school is difficult, always wash your kids’ clothes in very hot water.  The eggs of bedbugs do not require the mother so that they can hatch. As such, if they are deposited in the seams of your kid’s clothes, they can hatch and spread in your house.  Washing these clothes under high temperatures ensures that the lifecycle of bedbugs is broke completely. This is a very essential tip to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids.

  1. Check the seams of bags

One of the things that make the treatment of bedbugs very hard is that they can hide and cannot be traced easily. If there’s a bedbug infestation in your kid’s school, the bedbugs can easily hide on the seams of their bags. When they come home, always ensure to carry out a thorough inspection of their bags. Check if there are bedbugs or eggs.

  1. Check for dried blood stains on sheets

College kids who leave in dormitories have a high likelihood of reinfesting their home with bedbugs.  When they come home with their belongings, check to see if there are any bloodstains on their sheets.  The presence of such spots means that you must take the necessary measures immediately.

  1. Inspect your kid’s items

If you want to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids, you have to occasionally inspect their items. Bedbugs can hide in boxes, books, laptops, and alarm clocks among other items. Once in a while, empty the bags of your kid and check for bedbugs or their eggs.  Should you notice the bedbugs, isolate the items and keep them in a sealed bag and then begin treatment.

  1. Vacuum your house often

On many occasions, people notice a bedbug infestation once it has become extreme. To prevent such situations, it is wise to vacuum your house and the furniture regularly.  After vacuuming, tie the bag tightly and dispose of it properly. Doing this makes your home inhospitable for bedbugs. This is a great strategy to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids.

  1. Use sealed bags

If you notice that there’s a bedbug infestation in your kid’s school, always ensure to place their items in sealed bags. Also, avoid keeping their coats or bags on the couch or in several rooms. Continue doing this until you establish that the bedbug infestation in their school has been treated.

  1. Contact the school administration

A bedbug infestation can interfere with the learning of your kid as well as the comfort of your home. Ask about the methods that the school uses to prevent bedbugs. If there is a bedbug infestation, they should also communicate with you so that you can take the necessary precautions.  Engaging the administration is an effective way to prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids.



With the tips discussed above, you can prevent bedbug re-infestation by school going kids. If you are having a hard time dealing with a bedbug infestation, Imagine Care is ready to help you. Our experts have vast information about treating bedbugs and can provide long-term solutions to your problem. Imagine Care also offers you tips on how to prevent bedbug re-infestation in your home.

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