Houseflies are not only annoying but also expose human beings to diseases. They carry diseases such as typhoid and salmonella. These insects seem unavoidable but there are a number of ways to get rid of houseflies. Getting rid of houseflies involves excluding them, restricting their habitation, destroying them, and inspecting to determine the effectiveness of the methods used. Below are some simple DIY methods to get rid of houseflies.



1. Identify The Entry Points

The first step towards getting rid of houseflies is identifying how they are getting into your house and sealing the entry points. Usually, houseflies find their way inside the house through the doors and windows and this is normal in many homes. However, if the housefly infestation is extreme, you need to examine the openings they are using to get into the house. Check the window screens to determine if there are any tears. Also, ensure that the caulking around the windows and doors is in proper condition.  These gaps might seem small but they could be the reason behind the extreme housefly infestation.



2. Proper Sanitation

Ensuring that your house is clean is also an important tip on how to get rid of houseflies. Usually, pests find a home habitable because they can access food and water. Houseflies will invade your home if there are food spills, dirty diapers, and uncovered leftovers. As such, ensure not to leave dirty dishes in the sink for too long. Also, clean the food spills on the floor and dining tables. Covering food also works to minimize the presence of houseflies in your home.

Uncovered and dirty trash cans can also attract houseflies. After disposing of the garbage, clean the trash cans thoroughly and ensure that they are covered. If you want to completely fly-proof your home, high levels of sanitation must be observed all the time.



3. Clean Up Pet Waste

Did you know that a housefly can lay more than 75 eggs ago? Interestingly, they prefer laying such eggs in poop so that they can hatch within 24 hours. If you leave dog poop, you will be attracting 150 flies the following day. These are enough reasons for you to clean up after your pet.  Collect pet waste daily and ensure that their cages are clean to get rid of houseflies.



4. Use Fly Traps

Using fly traps is also an effective way to get rid of houseflies.  One way of doing this is by using light traps. You might want to consider a fly control expert to install the UV light traps in your home. Fly tapes and fly papers are also useful in getting rid of houseflies. They are very effective when the housefly infestation is extreme. Ensure to place them at points where a large number of the flies meet.  However, do not place them in areas where food is prepared or eaten. This is because when they are trapped, they die and might fall off into your food.

5. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to get rid of houseflies because they are attracted to it. Simply place some amount of vinegar in a jar and cover it with plastic wrap. Bore a hole in the plastic wrap. Houseflies will be attracted to the vinegar and they will crawl into the jar and drown in the solution. You can also use red wine instead of vinegar. This is a simple DIY method that can help you deal with a housefly infestation.



6. Electronic Swatters

Using electronic swatters is also a simple DIY method of getting rid of houseflies.  They kill flies instantly and are not messy. However, electronic swatters might not be safe for children and pets.




7. Insecticides and Fly Baits

When the housefly infestation is extreme, it is important to consider using insecticides and fly baits. Pyrethrin sprays are one of the most popular insecticides used to kill houseflies.  It can be sprayed on doorways or directly on insects. Fly baits also contain insecticides and once eaten by the fly, it dies.










To completely get rid of houseflies, proper sanitation is key. Regular inspection for possible breeding spots such as trash cans, pet waste, and rotten foods must be done. If the DIY methods fail, you can always contact a pest control expert. Imagine Care ensures to provide affordable and long-term solutions to pest infestations. Our customers trust us to provide quality and timely services.  If you want housefly control services, call us on +254737898884, +254759292158, +254775145267, +254103055943, +254794265503, +254756432285, +254757668223, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to .