It is very important to protect bees particularly because they contribute to the environment in several ways. However, you should never share space with them in your home as they can become hostile and damage your property. The bad thing about bees is that exterminating them can be difficult at times. They come in different species, thus need different extermination methods. As such you may need the intervention of a pest control expert.  If you have a bee problem, you will find this article on how to get rid of bees useful.



How to identify bees

Before choosing an extermination method, it is always important to identify the type of bees that has invaded your home. Most often, bees can be confused for wasps. Bees have wings and are usually 2mm-3.9cm long. There exist over 20,000 species of bees. They come in black or brown colors with radiant, red, or yellow stripes.

Bees usually create nests in dark and protected areas. They occupy your home while looking for a place to stay. Any voids on walls, chimneys or parts of the house partly exposed to the outside can easily become their comfort zone.

Besides the bee stings that are painful and can cause allergic reactions, the honey made by bees can also attract other insects. This further exposes your property to damage.


How to get rid of bees

  1. Know the type of bee

    On how to get rid of bees, it would be useless to start treatment without identifying the specific bee species. Some of the common types of bees likely to invade your space include bumblebees, honey bees, and carpenter bees. Bumblebees usually exist in small colonies and will build their nests in dry, protected places.  Just like their name suggests, carpenter bees usually build their nests by drilling. As such you will find them on trees and wooden structures in a building. Honey bees usually exist in large colonies. They are very aggressive and sting when the hives are threatened.

  2. Use spicy peppermint spray

    Bees, just like many insects hate peppermint. A combination of peppermint with cinnamon can be very useful to get rid of bees from your home. To make this spray, mix two spoons of liquid dish soap, peppermint essential oil, and cinnamon in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture where the bees have invaded.

  3. Contact a beekeeper

    If you do not want to kill bees, you can always seek the services of a beekeeper.  They are very conversant with handling bees. They can help you transfer the bees to a location where they will be safe.

  4. Use insecticides

    To get rid of bees, you can use insecticides. Ensure to buy insecticides that are specifically meant to exterminate bees. Since bees are usually less active during the night, this would be the best time to spray. When handling bees, ensure to wear protective clothing such as a beekeeping suit.

  5. Hire a bee exterminator

    Exterminating bees is not very easy as the DIY methods might not be effective. To find a permanent solution to your bee problem, it is important to contact a bee exterminator. They know how to identify bees and use the best removal methods.

Prevention of bees

Learning how to get rid of bees is important but it is best to prevent them in the first place. Here are a few tips to keep your premises free from bees;

  • Proper food storage: The main source of food for bees is pollen. However, they like sweet foods such as juice, soda, ice cream, and fruits.  As such, always ensure to cover these foods, especially when eating from outside. Also, empty trash often and keep the trash cans clean.
  • Paint wooden surfaces: Carpenter bees usually drill on wood. If you paint the wooden structures, they most likely will not make nests in them.
  • Plant tulips and roses as they act as repellants to many bee species.
  • Prevent bee stings by wearing darker clothes and perfumes with less fragrance.
  • Consult a pest control expert for tailored advice on how to get rid of bees in your home.


When implemented well, the above tips can help you get rid of bees. However, if the bee infestation is severe, you should seek professional pest control services. At Imagine Care, we excel at making your premises, whether residential or commercial, pest free. We employ approved, risk-free and environmentally friendly techniques to provide permanent solutions to pest problems. Are bees making your home inhabitable? Call us on +254737898884, +254759292158, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to .