Moving out of your home can be one of the most stressful experiences. Even, getting back your deposit can add to that stress. It can be tricky. However, you can consider hiring end-of-tenancy cleaning to help you out.




Here are some of the tips for the end of tenancy cleaning to improve your chances of getting your deposit back:


1. Understand the expectations.

Make sure you go through your end of tenancy agreement mindfully as it will help you know the flat condition needed for the full return of your deposit. Some contracts may stipulate that professional move-out cleaning is required. But your landlord can’t enforce that as long as your clean is up to scratch.



2. Handle the kitchen

The kitchen can be one of the toughest rooms to clean up. So it’s perfect to start from there when you are still fresh. You’ll find it easy to work in a room that is as empty as possible. To begin the process by removing all the dishes and cleaning of stored food from shelves and cooktop.


• Clean all surfaces including the fridge, cupboards, and drawers.
• Soak the fridge shelves in soapy water and defrost the refrigerator and freezer.
• Wipe the dishwasher and washing machine.
• Clean the microwave, oven, and hobby reading the manufacturer’s guide.
• Remove any limescale build-up on tiles and taps with vinegar.



3. Polish the bathroom

• Scrub the bath, sink, mirrors, shower, floor, and tiles thoroughly.
• Keep your eyes open on any limescale buildup or mold that may be around taps and grouting.
• Check the plug holes and drains and use a drain cleaner.
• Dispose of any old shampoo or shower gel bottles and clean the inside of the cabinet.



4. Try to go deep inside

Clean up the nooks and crannies inside the living rooms and bedrooms to get back your deposit.

• Make sure to clean behind and underneath furniture.
• Wipe down the insides of cupboards.
• Clean light fittings, curtain rails, and shades.
• Polish the inside of windows.
• Wipe down skirting and polish handles or doorknobs.



5. Check thoroughly

It’s worthwhile for setting aside a full weekend to check whether you’ve missed a detail or two that lets you down. When you have done with cleaning, leave the property for a while, come back and start checking through fresh eyes.

Keep a cloth handy so that you can wipe down any dust and finger marks thoroughly. Check fittings and fixtures or doorknobs, if necessary. Make sure that all the stains have been cleared and disposed of.



Bottom Line

When it comes to the end of tenancy cleaning, it’s highly recommended that you should always go with a professional cleaning company, i.e. Go For ‘Imagine Care’ Cleaning. We have the experience and expertise in move-out cleaning by going above and beyond the client’s expectations. For immediate help, please contact us as soon as possible, and let’s get started by contacting us on 0759292158, 0103055943, 0742448334, 0756432285, or drop an email to .