The thermal fogging machine is an effective and efficient petrol power machine used to disinfect and sanitize public and private spaces against Influenza outbreaks, COVID-19 virus, agricultural spraying, mosquito fumigation, and greenhouse spraying.


Cleaning and disinfecting medium to large areas with accuracy and a high degree of killing unseen pathogens in hidden areas is challenging. A fogging machine kills pathogens on surfaces, thereby lowering the risk of spreading disease. When done properly, fogging blankets the entire area of a property in a very rapid amount of time, which includes hidden areas you cannot get to with disinfectant.


You will be able to dispense very fine aerosol droplets (fog) that cover your ceilings, walls, floors, and all surfaces to kill and prevent the coronavirus. In addition to being able to cover a large area and get into hidden areas in a quick amount of time, you will also use much less disinfectant product because the amount sprayed by ULV units is small compared to the area treated. This minimizes exposure and risks to people and the environment.


With this capacity you can deliver a uniform fog throughout the complete area, so every inch of the surface gets the same treatment. Of course, this fogger is very effective against pests like mosquitoes but you can also use it for fogging disinfectants, and other pests and crop protection.



Operation Principles of the Thermal Fogging Machine

A portable thermal fogger transforms the formulation substance with the help of heat from liquid to vapor form. It realizes this process quite rapidly (combustion chamber 1000C°, heat conjunction point of the formulation liquid 400C°).  The possible smallest micron diameter is obtained by the thermal fogging machine. The diameter of the sprayed particles ranges from 0-15 µm. The drifted sprayed particles can reach every point.



Advantages of Thermal Fogger Machine

  • Double carburetor+ Double gear -Greater power, Better atomization effect, Power-adjustable!
  • Manual Start+Electric start-Start is more convenient!
  • Stainless steel Material is sturdy and durable.
  • The 15-liter capacity springing is thick and durable.
  • 360-degree swivel spray-Upright does not stall!



Fogging Sprayer Machine Features

  • Empty weight: 6.5kg, package: 13.5kg
  • Frame material: stainless steel
  • Working environment: the temperature is between – 10 ℃ and 35 ℃
  • Maximum spray volume: 90 liters per hour.
  • Width: 20-50 mu/hour
  • Fuel consumption: 1.2-1.5 l gasoline per hour.
  • Medical capacity: 15 liters. Tank pressure: 0.3-0.4bar
  • Tank capacity: 2L. Tank pressure: 0.12 – 0.15bar
  • Use fuel oil: gasoline (no less than 90 × and no lubricant added)
  • Ignition power: 12V charging power, 2.6a lithium battery, special spark plug. Electric start
  • Maximum power: ≥ 19kw
  • Fog particle diameter: less than 30 microns
  • Model: 180k
  • Overall Dimension: 1100 x 280 x 380 mm
  • Type: Tank in shoulder and sprayer in hand
  • Power: Pulse jet engine
  • Droplets ULV size 6-30 µ range





Thermal Fogging Machine Features

  • Less water consumption, saving time and effort.
  • The effect is fast.
  • Long-lasting effect and increased temperature.
  • Less residue of phytotoxicity.



Utilization Areas

  • A portable thermal fogger machine, thanks to its insecticide fogger property, is used for pest control.  It is used in the fight with vectors i.e. mosquitoes, houseflies (Musca Domestica), and locusts.
  • When filled with the disinfectant liquid, it is used as a disinfection fogger for fighting against contagious diseases i.e. zika virus, COVID, COVID-19, chikungunya, malaria, dengue fever, and yellow fever. This machine is commonly used in the public health area at state institutions, municipalities, Ministry of Health. It controls the spread of diseases and viruses.
  • When filled with anti-Freeze liquid, it is used for protection against agro-frost in agricultural area.
  • The machine is also used in agricultural spraying and greenhouse spraying.



Packing List


New Fogging Machine

New Fogging Machine

Where to Buy Thermal Foggers

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