Naturally, termites live in hidden areas. Therefore, the damage they cause can go unnoticed for a very long time. Interestingly, they are not stubborn pests as they only bite when human beings come into contact with them.  Their primary objective when living on wooden structures is to maintain their colonies through access to food and shelter. In many cases, people only worry about the damage termite cause on their property. But, these pests also invade the health and safety of human beings in various ways.  For these reasons, it is wise to seek expert advice on how to identify and exterminate termites from your property.




Damages Caused by Termites


  •    Financial loss

A lot of money goes into buying or building a house.  However, such investments can go to waste due to termite infestations. Termites usually get into a home through cracks, and within no time, their number grows. They consume a lot of wood as they trace their way inside the house. Once inside, they chew papers, the carpet, electric wires among other materials that contain digestible cellulose. Such damages interfere with the functioning of property and also impair their value. A homeowner is forced to do repairs on wooden structures as well as other equipment. The situation is worsened by the fact that termite infestations are only identified after severe destruction has occurred.


  •    Termites spread mold

Termites live in dark areas that have molds. As they move around feeding on wood, they disperse the mold. Consequently, people are exposed to the molds and can touch them unknowingly or inhale the air around them. Molds come in different varieties, most of which are detrimental to the health of human beings. They can lead to skin diseases, fungal infections and can make asthmatic conditions severe.


  •    Termites trigger allergic reactions

Termite frass or poop that is left in the woods cannot be noticed quickly. It looks like sawdust and is also a health hazard. When a person touches it, they can suffer from skin dermatitis. Inhaling this frass can lead to asthmatic attacks.  Other allergic reactions include developing red spots on the skin and sneezing.




Signs that there is a termite infestation

If termite infestations are discovered early, the damage can be prevented. Here are signs that a home is infested with these pests.

  •    The presence of termite wings
  •    Termite pellets
  •    Damaged wood that feels soft than it was initially
  •    Holes on the wall
  •    Mud tubes



Since termites are hazardous, it is wise to consider the intervention of a pest control expert in your home. These specialists are skilled at identifying and providing long-term solutions to termite infestations. One of the best products for fumigating termites is Termidor Suspended Concentrate. Termidor protects and kills all varieties of termites. The best thing about it is that it is powerful enough to prevent termite infestations for more than 10 years. It destroys even those termites hidden in the soil. For more information about Termidor, contact +254737898884, +254759292158, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to