Premise 200SC (250ml)

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Premise 200SC (250ml)


Premise has built a solid reputation as a reliable long term termite and ant control product with virtually no serious problems encountered in the market place since its release in the USA.


Premise 200SC is a termiticide that provides immediate protection from termites. Termites are eliminated as they ingest or contact Premise in a treated soil area around the perimeter of a building or other timber structures.

It has built a solid reputation as a reliable long term termite control product with virtually no serious problems encountered in the market place since its release in the USA.




Active Ingredients in Premise 200SC

Premise 200 SC contains Imidacloprid (Chloro-nicotinyl) 200g/l and is recommended for the treatment of soil to control subterranean termites when used as directed.






250-milliliter bottle. Other packages are 50-milliliter and 1 liter.

Mix 250 milliliters per 200 liters of water apply the 1 liter of the mix per 1 square meter.





Residual Action

Premise 200Sc has a residual action of up to 5 years.





Where to Use Premise
  1. Pre- and Post-Construction Treatment
  2. Road Construction
  3. Airport Runway
  4. Construction Perimeter Treatment
  5. Termite Mounds





What Premise 200SC Controls
  1. Ants
  2. Subterranean Termites
  3. Drywood Termites
  4. Formosan Termites





Premise Application Rates

Before using this product read the label carefully.

  •  Nest Treatment: 0.5 ml / 0.5 l water / nest entrance
  • Pre-construction: 125 ml / 100 l water
  • Post-construction (conventional treatment): 125 ml / 100 l water
  • Post-construction (perimeter treatment):250 ml / 100 l water
  • Road & runway construction: 125 ml / 100 l water
  • Treatment existing colonies: 6.25 ml / 5 l water / nest





Why you should Buy Premise

Premise works quite differently from other termiticide soil treatment products which are designed to repel or keep termites away from a treated soil area, rather than killing them.
With “repellant” termiticides, any minute a gap in the treated soil can be detected and exploited by the termites to gain entry in the building. This is a major short-coming of the old-fashioned termite control alternatives, far too often, with financially disastrous consequences.


Termites cannot detect the Premise chemical as it has no odor, taste or smell to the termites.

Recent termite control analysis

Bayer found more than 99% of buildings treated by Premise required absolutely NO re-treatment throughout a 5 year period following the initial treatment, with no serious re-infestation problems or failure of the product’s effectiveness.
This is an outstanding result given the tenacity of termite species and wide variation in technical skills of applicators, climatic conditions, soil compositions and building construction types.
Bayer claim “there is no technical or commercial reason to use any termiticide other than Premise”. The results tend to speak for themselves.

Long-term on-going termite elimination

As with any termite control program, your property always remains susceptible to future attack from new termite colonies or other established colonies in your area.
The good news for the homeowner is that the Premise soil treatment chemical will remain in place without washing away for many years even after the existing attack on your property has been eliminated.

Premise eliminates termites in three important ways.

Because Premise works in more than one way, it eliminates individual termites and targets the termite colony. First, foraging termites ingest Premise in the soil as they tunnel from their home to yours. Second, termites contact Premise as they forage in treated soil. Third, since the Premise is carried back to the colony by termites that have entered the Treated Zone, a lethal dose can be transferred to other termites through social interaction and cannibalism. Termites live in colonies and constantly interact with
each other, and Premise uses these traits against them to protect your home.





Downloads Related to Premise 200SC

Premise 200SC Material Safety Data Sheet

Premise 200SC Label

Premise 200SC Brochure


Premise Protection Zone

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