Powdered Medical Gloves(100pcs)

Powdered Medical Gloves(100pcs)


High quality powdered latex gloves for a wide range of tasks giving excellent hand and personal protection.


High quality powdered latex gloves for a wide range of tasks giving excellent hand and personal protection.


These Latex Gloves are made from the finest natural rubber latex which prevents allergy reactions. It is also ideal for sensitive skin types. They have an excellent fit and comfort feel to ensure you a safe and easy experience! At the same time, they are chemical resistance gloves so it will protect your hands from harsh detergents, hot water, household cleaners, bleach & dye.




Powdered Gloves

Powdered gloves have cornstarch added which makes them easier to put on, especially in busy locations, and can prevent gloves from sticking together.




The Pros
  • Powdered gloves keep your hands dry.ย Regardless of material choice, powdered gloves are one of the best options for individuals who struggle with sweaty palms. The cornstarch powder absorbs extra moisture and keeps your hands from slipping inside the material.
  • These gloves are easier to put on.ย Unlike many powder-free gloves, these disposable gloves will not stick to themselves, making it less of a struggle to slide your hand inside the glove.
  • Powdered gloves are easier to take off.ย Nothing feels quite as great as removing a pair of disposable gloves after wearing them for a few hours. Even the lightest gloves can feel stifling after continued wear and once your hands are sweaty, it can be a challenge to take them off. Powdered gloves are easier to remove than powder-free options, even when your hands are wet.




Package size

100 pairs of gloves.




  • Powdered
  • Flock lined
  • Disposable
  • Excellent grip
  • Single-use only
  • BPA Free, allergy-free and oil resistance




High quality

Good toughness and extra tension, easy to stretch, durable, not easy to break and tear. Come with textured fingertips providing maximum gripping power for wet and dry objects.




Multiple types

Size: medium.

Color: white.




Where to use latex gloves

Disposable gloves are great for:

  • medical & dental offices
  • kitchen food handling
  • salons
  • cleaning
  • fumigation and pest control
  • painting
  • dog and cat care
  • pesticide and chemical handling



We deliver within 3 to 24 hours countrywide.

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