Chlorine Dioxide | Disinfection Tablet

Chlorine Dioxide | Disinfection Tablet


Chlorine Dioxide is internationally recognized as safe/High efficiency/Non-toxic disinfectant used to kill bacteria, fungus, virus, spores and other harmful microorganisms,


Chlorine dioxide tablets for disinfection are recognized as high-efficiency, non-toxic, and widely used fourth-generation new fungicides. Their safety is classified as ai by the world health organization, and their application opportunities penetrate into all walks of life and people’s lives. Using food-grade raw materials for disinfection and sterilization, rapid effervescence in 1 minute, effective sterilization and disinfection, scientific formula, concentration can be freely matched, more effective disinfection and sterilization, can effectively eliminate various bacteria to prevent cross-infection, give you a healthy and clean environment.




Of course, we also have fog sprayer machines and dust suppression cannons that can be used for indoor and outdoor disinfection. chlorine tablets for disinfection can be used as disinfectant raw materials. It can be used in disinfection channel,  fog sprayer machineprofessional backpack sprayer, disinfection door, UVC fogger, and other disinfection products.



Tablet Chlorine Dioxide

Tablet Chlorine Dioxide


Disinfection Tablet Chlorine Dioxide
Disinfection Tablet Chlorine Dioxide




Product Information
Main ingredientsCIO 2 effervescent tablets
Chlorine dioxide content8%±0.8%
Specifications1g/piece,100 g/bottle
CharacterWhite agent piece
Product introductionWhen exposed to water, this product can produce
Method of usePour into the appropriate amount of water to use.




Use of Chlorine Tablets for Disinfection
  1. Food categories: food machinery, food processing equipment, food packaging containers, food utensils, product storage machinery.
  2. Medical and health system: disinfection and sterilization of medical machinery, wards, clothing, mattresses, etc.
  3. Agricultural and aquatic products markets: slaughterhouses, livestock markets, aquaculture, and other places for deodorization and disinfection.
  4. Algaecide, disinfection, sterilization, removal of odors, and oxidative decomposition of harmful substances in non-potable water such as swimming pools, landscape water, and sewage.
  5. Air disinfection in hotels, offices, railway stations, airports, and other places.





Range of Use
The Role of Chlorine Tablets for Disinfection
  1. Sterilization: It has strong adsorption and penetration ability to the cell wall, and the released atomic oxygen produces oxidation in the cell to play a sterilizing role.
  2. Deodorization: Dehydration reaction with odor and rapid oxidative conversion of odor substances to other substances. Thereby delaying decay, while killing microorganisms without reacting with fatty acids and without destroying the structure of the food.
  3. Bleaching effect: Through the release of atomic oxygen and the generation of hypochlorite, the purpose of decomposing the pigment is achieved. It can be used as a bleaching agent to avoid oxidation with fibers and reduce fiber strength, so the effect is more comprehensive.




Features of Chlorine Tablets for Disinfection

  1. It is a gas molecule at normal temperature and pressure, which can be directly sterilized by air;
  2. The gas molecule form has stronger oxidation;
  3. Gaseous molecules have good diffusivity and permeability, and disinfection is more thorough;
  4. Has a significant effect of removing formaldehyde;
  5. High solubility, can be configured as a solution;
  6. The chlorine dioxide molecules in the solution can be released by atomization or natural volatilization, which is convenient to use.





Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets
Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets


Disinfection Tablet
Disinfection Tablet




Advantage of Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets
  1. Broad-spectrum powerful, capable of killing viral bacteria, protists, fungi, and various spores and spore-forming protozoa.
  2. Efficient and economical, effective at a concentration of 0.1 ppm, which can effectively kill bacterial propagules and many pathogenic bacteria.
  3. It is less affected by temperature, and the sterilization effect at low and high temperatures basically does not change much.
  4. The PH has a wide range of applications and can maintain a high sterilization efficiency within the PH2-10 range.
  5. No hidden troubles, no residues, no chlorination reaction with organic organisms, no other harmful substances.
  6. Green and environmental protection, no “three effects” effect, no residue, no skin irritation, tableware can be used directly after disinfection.
  7. Convenient to use, can eliminate the deactivation step, safe and efficient, strong stability.
  8. No irritation to the human body advantages: when it is less than 500ppm, its effect can be ignored, and it has no effect on the human body at 1000ppm.




Precautions of Chlorine Dioxide Water Purification Tablets
  1. It should be transported in dry conditions to avoid moisture and rain.
  2. Do not co-store with acids and organics.
  3. Plastic, glass, ceramic, and other non-metallic appliances should be used when configuring high-concentration stock solutions.
  4. There is no corrosive effect on metal pipes, equipment, and containers under the disinfection concentration, so you can use it with confidence.
  5. The disinfectant must be used after activation, and bubbles appear during activation, which is normal.
Chlorine Dioxide Water Disinfection Tablet
Chlorine Dioxide Water Disinfection Tablet


Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Tablets
Chlorine Dioxide Effervescent Tablets





Instructions of Chlorine Tablets for Disinfection

Add 1 liter of water to the plastic cup, add disinfection tablets, it will automatically dissolve in 2-3 minutes, stir, and let stand for 5 minutes to become 1 liter of yellow-green transparent chlorine dioxide solution.

  1. Tools and utensils; clothes, tableware, bed sheets, toys, etc. are cleaned and sterilized, then add 2.5 liters of water into 3.5 liters of solution, soak or wipe.
  2. Disinfect waste and indoor air, add 1 liter of water into 2 liters of solution, spray, wipe and fumigate.
  3. For relatively clear, transparent, and odor-free water treatment, add 500ml of water to be treated, stir and let stand for 10 minutes before drinking.
  4. For turbid, odorous, and poorly transparent water treatment, add 200ml of water to be treated, stir and let stand for 10 minutes to take the upper water.
Disinfected objectConcentration ratio and method of use
Table/ wardrobe/sofa1 tablet in 1l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Fruits/vegetables/cutlery1 tablet in 500ml water, soak for 10 minutes to wash down
Refrigerator1 tablet in 2l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Clothing/Textiles1tablet in 5L water, soak for 5 minutes to wash down
disinfection of indoor air1 tablet in 500ml-1l water,spray
Pet supplies1 tablet in 8L water, spray or wipe with a cloth
floor1 tablet in 500ml water, Spray or mop the floor
The surface of common objects1 tablet in 1l water, spray or wipe with a cloth
Bathtub/swimming pool1 tablet in every 300L water
Tap water/well water1 tablet in every 200L water
Aquaculture/Fishtank1 tablet in every 1000L(1ton) water




In recent years, chlorine tablets for disinfection have rapidly emerged as a kind of sterilization and disinfectant with excellent performance and wide application, which has attracted wide attention. The main reason is that its application is conducive to improving the environment. It is a friendly product, and its use is constantly being discovered and promoted.

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