Pre-construction termite treatment is much like the saying prevention is better than cure.  Treating the soil against termites before building your home is a decision that will save you damages and costs caused by termite infestations in the future.  The main objective of pre-construction termite treatment is to prevent termites in the soil from reaching your house and feeding on the wooden material. Termite treatment before construction is much easier, less costly, and less labor-intensive than treatment after construction.


For the best results in pre-construction termite treatment, it is always important to contact a pest control professional. There are certain procedures and chemicals that need to be used that you might not be familiar with. The pest control expert has to work with the construction manager to schedule and apply termite treatment in the area where a building will be founded. Below are a few tips on how pre-construction termite treatment is done;

  1. Treatment of the soil

Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

One of the major procedures in pre-construction termite treatment is treating the soil under and around which the building will be erected.  A pest control expert will use certain termiticides that they will apply at different stages. The frequency of application will depend on the design of the building and the type of soil.

There are different methods that can be used to apply pre-construction termite treatment. However, the process begins with the treatment of the slab.  A termiticide barrier is applied after the land has been graded, the foundation form has been made, and after the footings have been dug. In many cases, pest control experts apply one gallon (around 4 liters) of the termiticide solution for every ten square feet.  Slabs are treated because they can crack and termites can find their way into the structure.

Once the foundation has been created, it will be filled with the surrounding soil. At this point, treatment should be applied again in the entire area. Remember, the goal is to make it difficult for termites to come into contact with the house.

  1. Rodding treatment

This is another pre-construction termite treatment that can be used to keep termites away from your structure.  The method involves the injection of a termiticide deep into the ground.

The exterminator will fill a metal pole of about 4 to 6 inches long with a termiticide. They will push this pole into the ground as they leave deep holes on the ground. These holes will then be filled with the termiticide. For best results, the holes are usually dug 18 inches apart in a pattern.

This pre-construction termite treatment might seem laborious but is very effective in protecting your house from a termite infestation for a very long time.

  1. Treating intersection of floors and walls

Pre-construction termite treatment also involves applying chemicals on the points where the floors and wall meet. These intersections can crack and act as entry points of termites into the structure.

  1. Treating areas where wooden products will be placed

To make permanent termite barriers, it is important to use specific termiticides in the areas where wooden products will be built in the house. These products include cabinets, wardrobes, and doors among others. Termites are usually attracted to wood, thus the importance of treating the ground on which wooden products will be placed.


How long does pre-construction termite treatment last?

When applying pre-construction termite treatment, it is wise to consult an expert.  When this treatment is done properly, it can prevent a termite infestation for 2 to 5 years.  However, it is always important to keep termites away from your home even after construction.



The following simple safety measures will keep your home termite-free;

  • Cleaning humid areas often and repairing leaking pipes. Termites are attracted to moisture.
  • Do away with wooden materials that are wet.
  • Avoid placing wooden materials directly on the ground.
  • Fill in any cracks on the walls of your house and intersections.
  • Avoid burying wood on the ground around your compound.
  • Look out for signs of termite infestations. In case there is an infestation, apply treatment immediately before the population of termites gets out of control.

Termite Damage

The application of pre-construction termite treatment will help in keeping your home termite-free for a very long time. Since there are certain procedures and chemicals involved, ensure to consult a professional exterminator.  Imagine Care will offer you specialized pre-construction termite treatment at an affordable price. We use the most advanced and effective termite control products and technologies. Our technicians inspect the area and come up with an effective treatment plan that will protect your property.

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