Nowadays, there is no household without at least one carpet inside. Carpets have been a huge part of Man’s life for centuries – either for comfort or decoration purposes. But one of the most frequently asked questions is “How often should I clean my carpet?”.


Everyone wants their carpet to be not only a beautiful piece onto their floor, but a hygienic one as well. But how to achieve that? Well, it is not an easy task, but that would definitely save you some money from buying a new carpet. This is why every once in a while you should have it professionally cleaned.



Main Factors Determining The Cleaning Frequency Of Your Carpet

There are several things that everyone should have into consideration as they would determine the cleaning frequency for the carpet in your home.


To begin with, of huge importance is whether you vacuum your carpet regularly or not. The truth is, by vacuuming one could remove any loose dirt or dust, while they are on the actual surface, before settling deeper and abrading the actual carpet fibers.

In most cases, regular vacuuming could prolong the time-space between professional carpet cleanings. Nevertheless, one should always keep in mind that vacuuming the carpet regularly or not, eventually, it always has to be professionally deep cleaned.



Secondly, one of the main factors, determining how often a carpet should be cleaned, is whether anyone in your home has allergies. It is a general truth that the fibers of a carpet play the role of a filter that collects most of the dust and allergens which float in the air.

With time passing, those little particles in the air could easily build up inside the fibers. Imagine what you step on every time that you walk the carpet area in your home. To prevent that, a good deep cleaning is required in order to restore the healthy environment of your household. Moreover, if you have chronic allergies, a more frequent professional cleaning would be necessary.



Third of all, the actual color of your carpet is another major point you should be aware of. It is true that more light-colored carpets could add brightness to your room, but it is commonly known that it reveals dirt and stains more visibly.

Respectively, in order to maintain the beautiful appearance of such carpet, you would have to have more frequent cleaning, performed by professionals. The good thing about having a lighter carpet, though, is the fact that it is easily detectable when the level of dirt increases, thus, you would have clear signs when the time for a good professional cleaning has come.



Fourthly, a huge must is to follow a certain cleaning regime required by the manufacturer of your carpet, if you would like to keep the warranty in full effect. It is not a rare case to have your warranty stating the carpet should be cleaned at least once or twice per year.

Furthermore, never forget to save the receipts from professional cleanings, as they would help if any problem, connected with the warranty occurs. This way you would make sure that you have followed the instructions of the manufacturer for proper maintenance of your carpet.



The fifth of all, pets could have a big impact on the carpet cleaning frequency. If you live in the same place with a pet, it is more than important to have your carpet regularly cleaned. It is not uncommon that even really well-trained pets could cause a mess from time to time.

Moreover, apart from spoiling the appearance of your carpet, always be aware of the fact that pets could urinate or vomit onto the carpet area, or even leave feces around. Troubles like those not only could easily leave unpleasant to see stains but could even produce extremely bad odors, which are rather noticeable to any of your guests.

Luckily, by having a professional carpet cleaning service, you receive special cleaning solutions in the form of stain, smell, bacteria treatment, etc. that would perfectly help to sanitize the carpet in-depth and, respectively, neutralize any biological stains or smells by your pets.



Sixth, another quite important factor is whether you have children in your home. Everyone who has kids would know that they are so playful and energetic, that it is impossible to avoid spatters, smears, or spills. It doesn’t matter if it is footprints, paint, or juice, adults always struggle when trying to keep their carpet looking fresh and new.

Furthermore, needless to say, if you have small children or babies, most of the time they would spend is over the carpet area in your home, thus, you would always want to have it sanitized and clean. This is the reason why you should be having your carpet cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company as they know which exact products to use – we are speaking of environmentally-friendly and harmless carpet cleaning solutions that are the perfect solution for thorough and proper cleaning of the carpet, without any toxins or irritants.



Last but not least, it is pretty much important if you allow shoes to be worn inside your home or not. Not everyone agrees, but for some who don’t mind their guest walking with shoes on the inside, it is advisable to know that this could cause the fibers of the carpet to wear faster.

And respectively, the more shoes grind onto the carpet, the more traffic your carpet endures. To prevent any constant wear patterns on the carpet area, one should always have it periodically cleaned and the dirt and grit frequently removed.




In conclusion, one should always keep in mind several things when speaking of professional carpet cleaning frequency. Whether you have children or pets, messing around, whether you follow a certain vacuum regime or suffer any kind of dust allergies, in order to keep your carpet fresh and clean, it is pretty much important to get a professional service.

Professional carpet cleaners are usually well-experienced and highly trained technicians who know exactly what your carpet needs and how to keep its life longer. Moreover, following your requirements, they could always make up the best carpet cleaning solution with completely harmless and eco-friendly products. And what is more, you can always get that at reasonable and affordable prices. So what are you waiting for? Contact us on 0759292158, 0103055943, 0742448334, 0756432285, or drop an email to  to schedule a carpet cleaning service today.