Q: Will a professional clean shrink my carpets?

A: No, it won’t. In the past, this sometimes happened because carpets had backings made out of jute. This is a natural fiber that can shrink when it gets excessively wet, so the combination of jute plus old-style cleaning using lots of water could bring this unfortunate result about. Luckily nowadays things are different: almost all carpet has a synthetic backing, which helps prevent shrinkage. But modern powerful extraction equipment such as that used by Imagine Care means that carpets don’t need to be soaked through to be really effectively deep cleaned, and thus the problem is avoided.



Q: Once you have cleaned a carpet does it get dirty quicker afterward?

A: Not with the deep carpet cleaning system that we use. When the residue is left behind in an incomplete clean, it can rise to the surface of the carpet as water evaporates, giving the impression of rapid re-soiling. But all that really means is that the dirt and debris were not properly removed in the first place. Our deep cleaning process uses pressurized water and advanced cleaning agents to loosen dirt, which is then thoroughly removed. Then we treat the carpet with a pH-balancing rinse and follow up with powerful vacuuming, leaving your carpet soft and clean.



Q: When my carpets are cleaned, will the floor underneath get wet?

A: No. We use a very powerful, deep-cleaning rinse, but the machines we use to extract the rinse, the cleaning solution, and the dirt very effectively in the same step. This results in carpets that are as clean as possible without a lot of water being used. This allows us to leave your padding and sub-floor dry, and of course, speeds up drying time.



Q: Why is vacuuming my carpet important?

A: Vacuum cleaning helps remove particles of dirt that make carpets appear drab and can also damage their fibers. Cut down on the amount of dirt being walked into your home by using doormats, and keep up a regular routine of cleaning which focuses on the areas of your home with the highest footfall. A carpet that’s kept clean will be a real asset to your home and will also last for longer.

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Q: How long will it take my carpet to dry?

A: There are a number of variables so it’s impossible to give a general answer, Your technician will examine the carpet closely during the cleaning process and will give you a clear answer. Factors like carpet material and type, and the relative humidity in your home, can affect the drying time. On average carpets dry within 2 to 4 hours after our cleans, but you can walk on during this time if necessary.



Q: Why is the three-step water extraction the method preferred by professional carpet cleaners?

A: It’s vital to use water to flush out the cleaning agents and dirt. Hot water extraction is a very effective method we use. If you wonder why it’s necessary, just imagine washing your clothes and not rinsing them. That’s what happens to carpet cleaned without the water extraction method. A 3-step process involves a pre-conditioning cleaning spray to loosen soil, a thorough water fiber rinse, and powerful vacuum cleaning to extract all dirt and debris along with the cleaning products and as much water as possible.



Q: I’ve heard that water can ruin carpets. Is that true?

A: No. What harms carpet is poor quality machinery that doesn’t remove enough of the water afterward. If the carpet is left wet, that can cause serious problems.



Q: What type of vacuum cleaner is best?

A: Almost any model will remove surface dirt, but only a high-quality machine can effectively remove the soil that’s embedded in the pile. We recommend using a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or beater/brush combination – this will really loosen dirt that has sunk in deeply. Be careful, not to clean thick loop pile carpets with a rotating brush-style vacuum cleaner as this can make the carpet’s surface fuzzy. For those carpets, we recommend a good quality suction-only machine. A professional carpet cleaner can advise you.



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Q: How can I best maintain my new carpet warranty?

A: Three key things will maintain your new carpet’s warranty, and we’re constantly surprised how many people neglect them:
1. Vacuum frequently
2. Clean spills promptly
3. Have periodic professional carpet cleanings



Q: Why is professional cleaning important?

A: Regular professional cleaning is vital to keep your carpet looking its best and to maintain a hygienic environment in your home. For regular maintenance or when vacuuming no longer removes all of the soil, or you have not been able to remove spots following the recommended carpet care and cleaning procedures, call a trained and qualified professional cleaner.



Q: How often should my carpet be cleaned?

A: We recommend professional cleaning at least every 12 months.



Q: I’ve heard it’s best to put off having your carpet cleaned as long as possible, is this true?

A: No. The opposite is the case, as neglecting to deep clean carpets can lead to dirt building up and causing abrasion, which damages their fabric. Major carpet mills today recommend annual professional deep cleaning at least. The higher the footfall in a particular area of your home, the more often the carpet will need cleaning. Contact a carpet cleaning company on 0759292158, 013055943, 0742448334, 0756432285, or drop an email to .