As we seek to lead healthy lives, we must observe high levels of cleanliness. A lot of great things happen when we live and work in clean environments. When your house is clean, infections from germs and pests decrease. A clean business premises can help keep employees motivated and also attract clients. There are several cleaning service providers in Nairobi who can help you with this important bit of life. Unfortunately, selecting a good service provider can be daunting for many people. To get excellent cleaning services, it is wise to know some of the factors that you should consider prior to seeking cleaning services in Nairobi.



Factors to consider when buying cleaning services in Nairobi

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Qualification of staff

When choosing cleaning services in Nairobi, you must consider the qualification of the staff.  You would not realize the value for your money if a company sent quacks to clean your home. It would be very annoying for your property to be damaged or left dirtier than it initially was. Do a background check to determine if the cleaning staff has been thoroughly trained. Demand that the company assures you about the professionalism of the staff.


Scope of services

If you want the best cleaning services in Nairobi choose providers who offer full suite services. Ensure that the provider can do both indoor and outdoor services. If they only clean houses and do not deal with sanitation services, they might not meet all your cleaning needs. A good cleaning company is one which offers cleaning, sanitary bins, garbage collection, fumigation and pest control services.


Licensing and adherence to standards

Your service provider should have the necessary licensing as well as comply with legal standards.  A licensed provider will use cleaning techniques that have been approved. They will not harm you, the environment or damage your property. Visit the websites of these companies to discover their ethical standards. In their offices, you will find the certificates of legal approval displayed. This is also a good way of avoiding criminals in your home.


Reputation and referrals

To get excellent cleaning services in Nairobi, you must conduct thorough research to determine the reputation of the company. A good reputation is an indication that the company is reliable and provides quality services. Visit the online platforms of these companies and search for the reviews.  You can also ask in online communities about the credibility of the particular company. Get in touch with the company that has positive reviews.  Family and friends might also have ideas about best cleaning service providers. You can ask them before making the final decision to hire.


Willingness to accommodate your needs

In as much as a provider might be reliable,excellent and affordable, ensure that they can accommodate your needs.  For instance, if you request that they use specific tools to clean your house, they must do that. They should also consider the time you want the services delivered. Failure to meet clients’ needs is an indication that the company cannot customize services, and you should avoid such providers.



When choosing cleaning services in Nairobi, you should consider the location of the provider. Are they near your home? In which regions do they operate? It is best to choose a company that is close to your home so that they can arrive quickly. However, nowadays, most established cleaning companies have branches in several areas.  You will find that most have cleaning staff near you.



Without any doubt, investigating the cost of cleaning services in Nairobi can help you choose your preferred provider. Some companies might appear pricey, others fair or cheap.  Research how various companies charge and what their services entail. Always look for deals that will give you value for your money.You can the select the best based on the service offering and your budget. Remember that high prices do not guarantee quality services neither do lower prices guarantee poor services.



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By investigating all the factors listed above, you can be in a position to get excellent services. If you are searching for cleaning services in Nairobi and Kenya at large, you can rely on Imagine Care to provide these services professionally and affordably. Our services are full suite as we focus on cleaning, pest control, fumigation and sanitary bins. We cater for both residential and commercial cleaning needs. Our ability to leave your property sparkling clean and fresh, and surpass your expectations are the right reasons why you should outsource our services. To learn about our cleaning services and products, call us on +254737898884, +254759292158, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to .