Without any doubt, bug-proofing your home is cheaper and less tasking than exterminating pests. Even though some pests will still find their way into your home, you do not have to make it easy for them. Bug-proofing is all about preventing pest entry into your home and eradicating their habitats. Most often, it is our habits and the structures of our homes that make it easy for pests to find the environment hospitable. With the bug-proofing tips outlined below, it should be easy for you to prevent serious pest infestations.



  1. Seal entry points

Doors and windows act as the main entrances for pests into your home. As such, ensure to screen them with fine mesh. Regularly, inspect your windows to ensure that there are no holes. You should also use door seals on all sides. At the bottom of exterior doors, use door sweeps.

Cracks and holes on the walls can also pave way for pests into your home. Ensure to conduct a thorough inspection and seal even the tiniest holes.

The vents in the attic can also act as entry points for mice and bats. Ensure to cover them with critter-mesh.

  1. Empty your garbage often

The garbage in your home attracts and acts as a breeding point for pests. Even if you do not feel the smell coming from this trash, you need to empty it often. Insects are more sensitive to such odor than human beings and with time, they will infest your house. Garbage should always be kept in airtight plastic bags as well. Also, remember to clean the recycling bin after disposing of the garbage. Even though you use plastic bags, there are chances that some of them tear or some garbage will spill over. These spillovers can stick to the bin and attract insects. Using bleaching solutions to clean these trash bins is an excellent way of bug-proofing your home from extreme pest infestations.

  1. Keep your house clean

Most of the pests that attack our homes are attracted to the dirt and food within the house. As long as there is food in your home, pests will always find it a habitable place. The bread crumbs, spillovers of food on stoves, and food spills in the microwave attract cockroaches and other pests. Therefore ensure to wipe the food spills. Clean up the microwave and the toaster. Dirty dishes should not be left undone for a long time. Most importantly, vacuum the floor often and ensure that your house is not cluttered.

The food packages should also be disposed of immediately after use. Additionally, the grains and cereals should be kept in airtight containers to bug-proof against ants and mice.

  1. Clean your pet dishes and dispose of their waste

Pets make your home lively but they can also attract pests. As such, ensure that their waste is disposed of immediately. Their dishes should be cleaned often and thoroughly. In case some food is left over for consumption later, ensure that it is covered. Pets, when left dirty, can also be infested with insects. Clean them up often and also their beddings.

  1. Fix leaking pipes in your home

Water can make your home hospitable to many insects. It acts as a breeding ground and a drinking fountain for pests. Fix leaks, even the tiniest ones. During heavy rains, your basement can absorb water which may take a long time to dry up. To prevent the risks associated with such moisture, install a proper drainage system. You should also consider installing dehumidifiers. Remember, excess moisture can weaken and damage the walls, which can increase the entry points for other pests.

  1. Keep your yard clean

Before pests get into your home, they are first attracted to the conditions outside your house. As such, keep the grass short as insects such as mosquitoes find such spots great for resting on hot days. Drain all the stagnant water. Water can settle in containers or pet dishes. In case you have a pond, use a water agitator to prevent insects from breeding there. Additionally, declutter your yard. A cluttered yard can act as a host to several pests.

Bug-proofing your home allows you to avoid the costs associated with pest extermination. Carrying out all these bug-proofing procedures can be difficult for some people, which is why you should consult a pest control expert. At Imagine Care, we take care of your well-being by ensuring that you live in a pest-free environment. Our services are reliable and affordable. You can contact +254737898884, +254759292158, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to  for inspection and bug-proofing of your home.