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I’m going to keep this piece brief and to the point. Brief because it was supposed to come sometime last week and I became a tad too lazy and indulged way too much and school shughulis were crawling up my every hole in my butt crack and now my Boss won’t stop blowing up my phone because he feels I’m slacking on the job. Hehe.

I will speak for myself – and on behalf of anyone else out there who agrees with me – when I say that there are three things a real man can never live without.

Foremost, there is that occasional tipple to calm your nerves when things weigh you down. It could be a sweating cold bottle of beer, a stinging shot of vodka, or, better yet, a double of fine ass whiskey. Whichever floats your boat. Every man goes through that phase in life when the missus no longer wants anything to do with them and the boss is a pain in the toot and the bank account is draining by the day and nothing just seems to be going their way anymore. This is when you hit the bottle. Hard. But responsibly.

Secondly, there are Chapos. I mean, you guys had to have known – or had a hunch – that I was going to drag this somewhere in here, right? I’ll admit it though, I had a tough time trying to decide whether to place Sex here instead of Chapos. But then I thought, ah, sex is overrated. And messy. So what the hell. Here’s the thing I have always said; Some people want women who are good in bed; others want women who can dress to match their egos; me, I just want a woman who can make kick ass Chapos. That’s all. No pressure, mami. No pressure.

And then, finally, there’s Football. And, if you’re reading this from the States, sorry, I’m not talking about your kind of Football. I’m not talking about your Von Millers and Jay Cutlers and Gerald McCoys. I’m talking about the one with kina Ronaldo and Neymar and Wanyama. Also, do you guys see those memes that go make rounds on social media saying things like, “My girl told me to choose between Football and Her. Sometimes I miss her.” It’s a mundane repeated joke but it still cracks me up, every damn time. Hell, I think I just dropped a little poop in my pants just banging that down.

Euro 2016 began on 10th June with France thrashing Romania 2-1 on the first day of the tournament. And ever since, it’s been a whirlwind of one surprise after the next; including the early exit of former world champions, Spain. We are now at the Semi-final stage; where Portugal prepare to keep off Wales while the German machines brace themselves for a would be cracker with the in-form France. Afterwards, the best of the best will knock each other’s heads off in a blistering Final at the Stade de France, Paris, on July 10th. This coming Sunday. Now this has actually been the whole purpose of this piece, forget all that rumbling about Chapos and migwatos and nini nini.

We, here at Imagine Care, have decided to give you guys a shot at winning a fair sum of money as far as the Euro 2016 Finals go. And, unlike betting sites, you don’t even have to stake a shilling here. All you have to do is Predict who you strongly feel will score the winning goal at the Euro 2016 Finals this coming Sunday and the prize money of Ksh. 15 000 will be all yours. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, with this continuous unpredictable rise and fall in the value of the Kenyan Shilling, you never know how that amount of money could change your life.

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Let’s nduthis!