Celphos (1kg)


Celphos is a fumigant for the control or various storage insect pests and rodents in raw grain, processed and packaged foodstuffs, tobacco.


Celphos is a globally registered fumigant used for the control of wide range of field rodents and insect pests that are found in stored commodities. Celphos is highly effective, economical and easy to use.



Active Ingredients

Aluminium phosphide(57% w/w)




Tablet, weighing 3gms



Advantages of Celphos
  • Occupational safety
  • Safe and easy application
  • It kills all stages of Insects.
  • Phosphine gas from Celphos is practically insoluble in water, fats and oils and therefore has no appreciable reaction on the fumigated commodities.
  • Phosphine gas dissipates completely after fumigation from the treated area upon aeration.
  • Phosphine from Celphos does not adversely affect the quality of agricultural commodity fumigated.
  • Phosphine is not an ozone depleting gas.
  • Phosphine does not persist in atmosphere and degrades rapidly.



Target Pests
  • Rodents
  • Pests in stored products
  • Outdoor vertebrates



Application & Dosage

On exposure to moisture in the air, Celphos tablets slowly release phosphine gas which when inhaled result into the instant death of the pests.

  • It decomposes to release Phosphine gas upon contact with moisture in the air.
  • Phosphine quickly spreads and penetrates into the commodity being fumigated.
  • Reaches insects by diffusing through air space between stored grains and stacks of packaged material.
  • Requires warm temperature (>15° C) and air tight enclosures for effective fumigation and insect control.
  • Phosphine acts on respiratory chain of insects.




333 round tablets in a 1kg bottle.




Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet 2




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