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Don’t wait. Get our new mosquito service and we will get to work putting your mosquito concerns behind you.

We know how to determine if mosquitoes are in your home. Mosquito Service begins working immediately to reduce mosquito populations in your yard and keeps working for weeks to give you long-lasting protection.


Signs a Mosquito Infestation
  • Presence of larvae/pupae in standing water, which also can include watering dishes of containerized house plants.
  • Itching bites from female mosquitoes in search of a blood meal needed to needed to lay eggs.
  • Buzzing of the females within the premises.
What Attracts Mosquitoes?
  • Moisture – standing water sources
  • Scents – Perfumes, scented soaps and lotions
  • Heat – exhaled gases
Mosquito Habitats on a Property
  • Stagnant water – Pond, clogged rain gutters, fountain, retention basin, birdbath, old tires, un-circulated lake, buckets, water that pools around downspouts, flooded crawl space water that collects in cans, child swimming pools, uncovered boats, rubbish and debris that hold water, Marshes, swamps and other wetland habitats.
  • Moisture conditions – Tree wells and holes, flowerbeds, plant catch plates, rock holes, decorative pots and accent pieces, sprinkler heads, shady areas, etc.
  • Resting sites – Vertical or inverted surfaces protected from the wind and providing higher levels of moisture, such as a patio area, the underside of the leaves for dense vegetation next to a structure, under a building’s eaves, gazebos, shade structures, porches, and decks.

Can I Get Rid Of Mosquitoes? Yes.

An Imagine Care® technician performs an extensive inspection of your home, including the compound and around flowerbeds.

  • Recommend the appropriate treatment for the mosquito infestation.
  • The expert treats the area to eliminate any live mosquitoes and their eggs.
  • Advice on long-term prevention measures.
  • Follow up through voice call, text, or email to give you peace of mind.
  • Imagine Care®  backs the work with our Free 60 days Mosquito Guarantee.

How can Imagine Care’s Mosquito Control Program help your business?

A single mosquito can multiply into as many as 400 in just four days. And, any amount of standing water – from a tiny puddle to a large ornamental pond – can become a breeding zone.

Customers may develop an unfavorable opinion of your business if these annoying and potentially harmful pests are present. This could even erode your profits over time.

Mostly known for the red, itchy bites they leave when their saliva causes an allergic reaction on human skin, mosquitoes can pose a more significant health threat because they are known to carry serious diseases.

Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS)

We provide mosquitoes control for prevention against Malaria and other diseases spread by Mosquitoes through specialized Indoor Residual Spraying (IRS), which is the technique of applying a residual deposit of an insecticide onto indoor surfaces where arthropod vectors rest. IRS is a recognized, proven and cost-effective intervention method for the elimination of malaria and it is also used in the management of Leishmaniasis and Chagas disease.

Our workforce has undergone a special training program for implementation and application of IRS. We use right combination of pesticides for the long term residual effect.

Key Features of our IRS
  • Spraying with a residual insecticide inside houses and buildings can provide highly effective control of malaria.
  • Our well trained and supervised personnel and well maintained high quality spraying equipment gives excellent results.
  • We use WHO recommended insecticides for IRS.
  • Frequency of spraying depends on seasonality of malaria transmission, building materials and insecticide residual effect.
  • The selection of IRS as a control strategy is based on local assessment of malaria risk and mosquitoes infestation.

Book Service & Save 50%

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Jet/Yatch: Kes 19,000 New* 15,200

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Survey: Kes 2,000 – New* 1,000

Size: Kes 40/Sq.m – New* 32

Size: Kes 6/Sq.ft – New* 4

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    More Protection. Zero Mosquitoes

    The most effective prevention strategy for mosquitoes is to eliminate sites where they breed and develop. Your Imagine Care® Commercial Pest Specialist will assess your situation quickly and customize a program to fit your business’s needs.

    Your Imagine Care® Commercial Pest Specialist will conduct a detailed site inspection to evaluate possible breeding sites, such as standing water formed by excessive rain, leaks or clogged drains.

    We will work with you to identify things you can do to help eliminate or minimize potential mosquito breeding grounds, such as cleaning gutters frequently, and keeping outdoor receptacles and drainage areas clear of stagnant water.

    To keep mosquitoes away from your building, your Imagine Care® Commercial Pest Specialist may recommend the installation of sodium vapor bulbs or yellow bulbs in outdoor lights, since they are less attractive to flying insects.

    Mesh screens may be installed on all doors and windows to prevent even the smallest mosquitoes from entering through openings.

    As a last resort, your Imagine Care® Commercial Pest Specialist may opt to use safer and approved pesticides ie.

    • Applying insecticides to vegetation that adult mosquitoes use for sheltered resting sites.
    • Applying insect growth regulators (IGR) that prevent mosquito development in their water environments.
    • Applying microbial insecticide products that cause mosquito mortality in their water environments.

    Your Imagine Care® Commercial Pest Specialist will continue to monitor and adjust your mosquito treatment program as necessary. This includes reliable, ongoing inspections of your entire property to help stop existing infestations and thwart future invasions.

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