Among the number one places that you want to keep pest free is your kitchen. Being that your kitchen is where food is stored and prepared, pests such as cockroaches, rodents, beetles, ants, and weevils are bound to invade it. Pest infestations in the kitchen are not only annoying but can also contaminate your food. Imagine Care has outlined some of the top tips on kitchen pest control below.




6 Tips for Preventing Pests in the Kitchen
  • Ensure that there are no food droppings on the floor

One of the best kitchen pest control practice is cleaning food droppings on the floor. After cooking food, ensure that the floor is clean to keep pests such as ants away from your kitchen.  While cleaning, ensure to reach those corners and hidden areas where food can fall.


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  • Store your food in glass and plastic containers

Some food products come in cardboard containers. However, these containers are not the best for storage if you want kitchen pest control excellence. Some bugs can chew the cardboard material and reach your food. As such, ensure to always transfer the food products into a plastic or a glass container.
Storing foods in the freezer also counts as an important kitchen pest control tip. Some pests can barely get in such areas due to the cold.


  • Keep your compost in an airtight plastic or glass container

People looking for environmentally friendly ways of disposing of their waste must keep their compost from exposure. Usually, many people keep the compost under their sinks before disposing of it in their gardens. However, this can act as a source of food for pests. As such, ensure that the bin bag you are using is made of heavy-duty plastic or glass to prevent pest infestations. This is an awesome kitchen pest control practice.


  • Keep your storage shelves clean

Pests are likely to breed in places where there are spills of food. As such, it is wise to ensure high levels of cleanliness in the shelves. Even the tiniest particles of food should be removed to prevent pests from getting into the shelves.


  • Seal all the openings in your kitchen

Pests require very small openings to get into your kitchen. As a way of kitchen pest control, identify those holes and cracks and seal them.


  • Seek professional aid

If you want to promote high standards of kitchen pest control, always seek the advice and intervention of pest control experts. At times, even after cleaning and applying all sorts of pesticides, your kitchen might still remain infested with pests. Kitchen pest control experts know the ins and outs of getting rid of pests completely. They also have vast knowledge on the application of the chemicals on the infested areas without compromising on your safety.


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Generally, keep your kitchen always clean. Ensure that the dirty dishes are cleaned immediately; if that is not possible, at least rinse them. The more your kitchen is dirtier, the more it attracts different types of pests. The pest droppings will not only make your kitchen smelly but can also lead to the contamination of your food. If you need expert help call us on +254737898884, +254759292158, +254789231328, +254742448334, or drop an email to .