Gladiator 4TC is the number one termiticide for use in buildings, prefabricated timber houses, and treatment of termite nests in lawns, gardens, and sugar cane.



Active Ingredient in Gladiator 4TC

Chlorpyrifos 480g/l is the active ingredient in Gladiator as a termiticide concentrate(TC).



Gladiator 4TC Target Pests
  • Termites



The Great Benefits of Gladiator
  • The only organophosphorus insecticide fully tested and recommended for termite control in Kenya.
  • Has been tested for many years in the USA and demonstrated control for over 10 years.
  • Has very low water solubility and does not leach through non-target sites
  • It s bio-friendly, it breaks readily in open sunlight and does not build up in the environment.
  • In commercial applications, its concentration in the soil is less than 1ppm and has little or no harmful effect on other soil organisms.
  • For all its residual power it can be cleaned up with soap and water or readily deactivated if necessary using household bleach.



Pack Size and Mixing Rates

Available in 100ml, 250ml, and 1-liter packages. Prepare an aqueous solution of 1% concentration by mixing 1 liter of Gladiator 4TC in 48 liters of water.



Where to Apply Gladiator
  • Building construction sites
  • Wood treatment
  • Field termites
  • Termite mounds



Concrete Slabs Under Construction
  1. Treat the outside of the foundation wall trenches with 6-12litresof the solution per linear meter and to the depths of 40-75 cm. The higher rates
    are for deeper foundations. Replace the soil and apply another 8-16litres of the solution per linear meter. Finally, cover the trench and fill the treated
    soil with a thin layer of untreated soil.

  2. Apply 6-9litres of the solution per square meter under the slab, entrance platforms, and porches. Ensure uniform coverage. The higher rate is for
    slabs on gravel, cinder, and course materials.



Established concrete slab buildings

Prepare 40-75cm deep trenches along the outside foundation walls.
Treat as for buildings under construction. Drill along the inner foundation walls and selected floor sites at intervals of 45cm and inject the gladiator4TC solution under the concrete slab. Cover the drilled holes.



Mud floor houses under construction

Treat the external surfaces of the pole holes with Gladiator4Tc solution to the depth of 40-75cm. Dip the poles into the Gladiator 4TC solution.
Prepare 40-75cm deep trenches along the outside walls.



Established mud floor houses

Prepare 40-75cm deep trenches along the outside walls and treat them as for building under construction. Drill along the inner walls and select floor
sites at intervals of 45cm and inject the solution to depths of 40-75cm then cover the drill holes.



Termite nests

Remove the top 15cm of the soil and pour the solution down the tunnels. Replace the soil after treatment.



Lawns and Gardens

Spray affected areas at the rates of 1.5 liters of the solution per 10 square meters. Incorporate the spray into the soil.




Mix 1 liter of gladiator 4TC in 24 liters of water and spray the timber thoroughly to point of runoff. Soak mounds of fencing poles for 30minutes
and treat the soil in holes by pouring in the solution by the water can or bucket.



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