Sanitary bins are not only hygienic-sanitary waste disposal methods but they also promote environmental safety. They have enabled individuals to run their homes and organizations without putting people’s health at risk. If you are seeking to buy sanitary bins in Kenya, it is always best to buy from a trusted dealer.  Companies that provide cleaning services will provide the hygiene sanitary bins and you can also organize with them about the collection of the waste. Since sanitary bins come in different sizes and features, it is wise to know the factors that you should look out for when buying them.



Here are the factors to consider when buying sanitary bins;

  1. User-friendliness

    One of the factors you should look out for when buying sanitary bins is their user-friendliness. Users should not struggle to deposit the used sanitary towels in the bin.
    Sanitary bins come in various versions. Some are manual while others are automatic. Manual ones require the user to step on the flap at the bottom while for the automatic ones; the user does not have to touch the bin. Regardless of the version, ensure that it can be used without much struggle.

  2. Ability to combat odors

    To provide maximum hygiene, sanitary bins must be built in such a way that they combat unpleasant odors. The smell coming from inside is unpleasant and you do not want visitors to have a difficult time when using the ablution block of your premises.
    Also, the bin should prevent the user from seeing the content inside. Most sanitary bins usually have a modesty tray that prevents the user from seeing the trash.  Most importantly, bins should not expose the users to diseases. Usually, the cleaning company will apply fragrances and chemicals to destroy harmful bacteria.

  3. Size and number of users

    When buying a sanitary bin in Kenya, you must also consider the size and the traffic. A sanitary bin should be slim enough to fit a cubicle or bathroom and also have the capacity to hold enough waste without filling up quicker. A bigger size might become a bother especially if the toilets are small in size. For smaller washrooms, the 8-10 liter capacity sanitary bins are ideal, while the 18-20 liter sanitary bins are recommended for washrooms with enough space and high traffic of users.

  4. Quality of services from waste collectors

    After buying sanitary bins, you definitely need a company to collect that waste and dispose of it in the recommended manner. Ensure to get these services from an experienced cleaning company. The company should guarantee a regular collection frequency(weekly, bi-monthly, monthly) of the bins. During the collection, it should ensure that the bins are cleaned and disinfected. Failure to do this, users will be affected by harmful bacteria.
    Most importantly, the waste collectors must dispose of the waste in a manner that is legally prescribed.  If you get such services, you will be in a position to maintain high levels of hygiene in your facility.

About Imagine Care hygiene sanitary bins


Imagine Care provides sanitary bins, pest control, online shop, and cleaning services in Kenya and East Africa at large. The cleanliness and habitability of your home is our priority. Our service is easy and affordable as outlined below.

  • Provision of bins

    We provide cleaned and sanitized sanitary bins and install them in your facility. Our services are suitable for homes, shopping centers, nursing homes, schools, offices, gated communities, apartments, restaurants, hotels and lodges, and daycare centers. Upon installation, the client is required to pay a deposit of kes 1500 per bin which is refundable at the end of the contract. Our manual bins are no-touch silent lid opening and slim to fit any washroom or cubicle.

  • Collection of sanitary bins

    We ensure to collect the bins regularly after 7 days(weekly), 14 days(bi-monthly), or 1 month(monthly) depending on how the client wants. Our staff clean and disinfect the bins and replace the bin liner, ensuring that you continue to enjoy high levels of hygiene and protection from harmful bacteria.  Our charge per bin collection is Kes 1,500.

  • Disposal of feminine waste

    We remove the waste from the site and dispose of it in the safest and hygienic manner. We ensure to follow the legal standards of sanitary waste disposal.

  • Sell sanitary bins

    Are you looking to buy sanitary bins in Kenya? Look no further. Imagine Care provides the best hygiene sanitary bins at an affordable price. Our goal is to ensure that high levels of hygiene are maintained at your home, office or business premises. Head over to our online shop and buy the most durable sanitary bins in the Kenyan market. You can collect bins from our stores and we also deliver countrywide.


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